(VIDEO) 4 Funny Signs I Had “Mommy Brain”

Last week was pretty stressful for me and it seemed like every mom I talked to was going through the same thing. So I did a very informal poll on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page to see if you wanted to read/watch stories on coping with motherhood and there was a resounding yes!

I don’t want to make things too serious and have us all grabbing the Kleenex, so I thought I’d start the week with something funny: Mommy Brain.

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It’s when your brain is so clogged with your to-do list, stress and lack of sleep – that it can’t possibly function at 100%. So it starts to malfunction, like mine has recently.

Video: 4 Funny Signs I Had Mommy Brain

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Have you had any “Mommy Brain” moments? Were you embarrassed by them?

I’d love for you to tune in tomorrow when I give you some solutions to be a stress-free mommy.

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  1. I had it before the kids and I think it got worse after the kids. I have to write everything down or I will forget my brain is not as sharp anymore like it use to be *crying*

  2. I think this happens to everyone and I think taking some time for yourself often helps to rejuvenate.

  3. This happens to me a lot! I thought it was pregnancy brain but then it continued on!

  4. I can just picture you hunting for that address and refusing to believe it wasn’t there! I’m laughing that your husband had to bring up the fact you had mommy brain. LOL!

    • @Liz –
      The sad part was I was saying the number out loud and I was STILL on the wrong side of the street.
      I felt so silly.
      But hey – it makes for a great blog post 😉

  5. Oh I have Mommy brain all the time. Gets worse with each kid I add to the family. It’s like preggo brain, except it doesn’t go away and you don’t have a good excuse like being pregnant. lol.

  6. That was funny, especially #3. We’ve all experienced mommy brain at some point and when I have, I know it’s time to step back and take some well deserved “ME” time. Whether it’s a nap, a run or just time in silence, you gotta do it and when I have, I come back refreshed and in my right mind <3
    FYI, I love the new look of your site 🙂

  7. Great concept! I actually don’t subscribe to the theory of Mommy Brain. I can’t compare though since I’ve been a stay-at-home person in a whirlwind of change since my daughter was born 2.5 years ago. I’m a multitasker and doing that for two take some training and some skill especially when person #2 can’t or won’t help you figure out what they have done to shift the dynamic.

    I agree with all the ladies. Take more time for yourself. I do see you up and about early, but your body could be screaming at you for rest, diet, exercise, etc. Definitely sounds like some ME TIME should be on the books for you!

  8. I am surely overwhelmed from time to time! I didn’t even go to chuch yesterday. I let the hubby go with the kids. He thought I was going to meet him there. Little did he know, I wasn’t coming. He was texting me, calling me, etc. I just needed me time. A BREAK!

  9. I think I am living in a constant state of confusion these days! It’s a combination of mommy brain and menopause though.

  10. Working with moms, I witness Mommy Brain quite often. One day last week, I arrived at work and was talking to the mom about the upcoming day and she stopped me and asked me what I was talking about. She had totally forgotten that the kiddo had school that day. She had not packed a lunch or gotten any clothes together…something that is usually done by the time I get there because we have to leave so soon after I arrive. She has been up since 4:30 am and her mind was gone!

  11. I have mommy brain everyday!! It’s something I’ve learned to deal with now… but I hope it doesn’t get any worse!!!!

  12. Ugh! Mommy brain, baby brain – I just want my old, sharp, reliable brain back. My biggest pet peeve now is that the ideas are racing through my mind and if I don’t get them out in a reasonable amount of time, they’re gone and there’s no telling if they’ll ever come back. A close second is thinking about what I want to say and a wrong word slips out of my mouth before I can catch it – like saying left when you mean right, but all the time, everyday! 😛

  13. I have so been there. Last Friday I burnt food not once but twice because I forgot I was cooking. Once my lunch of fish sticks and french fries and second the french fries I was cooking for dinner. I thought I would try the fries a second time and failed

  14. Yes…I’ve got Mommy Brain, in fact I am convinced my brain is fried. It is so frustrating sometimes. I have never had such cloudy thinking in life.

  15. @MushyMamma – Now that we’ve admitted we have a problem, maybe we can just support each other through this “brain haze.”

  16. I have felt like that today. I’m not a mom. But I blame it on being sick and not having eaten. No fuel for the muscle. You are great at VLOGs by the way.