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My 2013 Motto

I’m about one week behind on my 2013 goals and resolutions. In fact, I’m going to kick those terms to the side and embrace something else. A motto. A saying that I can fall back on when things are going well and when they’re blowing up in my face. I …

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Guest Post: Simple Holiday Makeup Tips

holiday makeup, makeup tips, simple makeup, keep it simple makeup

Ladies, you are beautiful!          Gorgeous.         Fabulous.         Fantastic. You are an absolutely unique one-of-a- kind beauty unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. After all, there is only one you! So breathe a sigh of relief, because no matter what you have coming up this season, these things will always …

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Video: Kevin Hart Talks Christmas Shopping for Kids

Comedian Kevin Hart is a father of two. Just like the rest of us he ran into issues with buying their Christmas gifts. Do your children tell you what they want for Christmas? Have you ever bought them something they didn’t like? Watch Kevin Hart share how his children used …

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