Fitness Friday: Does the Beyonce GQ Cover Photo Make Real Moms Feel Fat?

I just read the online article for the Beyonce GQ Cover Photo. It didn’t tell me much about her that I didn’t already know. But I’d like to focus on the photo men are drooling over and mothers are saying, “WTF?” about.

Beyonce is super sexy on the cover with a cut-off jersey, a leopard print red bikini bottom, slinky gold jewelry, washboard abs that show no signs of stretch marks after having Blue Ivy last year and her signature hips and booty.

Beyonce GQ, Beyonce Magazine Cover, Beyonce Photo

I am a huge Beyoncé fan with a Pinterest Board devoted to her.

I’m also a Mom who lost the baby weight shortly after I delivered A.J. almost three years ago thanks to breastfeeding. Then I sat on my butt, didn’t get active and realized my belly has more rolls than a bakery.

I don’t need her to make me feel fat. I can do that all by myself.

Some suspect this is either a pre-baby Blue Ivy photo shoot or extremely “Photo shopped.” I say both.

I’ve read Facebook posts from friends who wonder if it’s appropriate for her to do revealing photo spreads now that she’s a wife & mom. I say if Jay Z doesn’t mind, neither should we.

Another person questioned if Beyoncé’s ability to bounce back post-baby should motivate “regular” moms to do the same.

Yes and no.

She’s got personal trainers, assistants, a staff, a nanny or two, chefs and dietitians and a multi-million empire that makes it possible to for her to look picture-perfect.

Beyoncé is NOT Jessica Simpson. She had moderate weight gain during her pregnancy so she didn’t need Weight Watchers.

In 2013, Beyoncé is gearing up for a big post-baby year with a Pepsi sponsorship, Superbowl Half Time Show performance and a new album. It’s her job to be a fit, sexy singer. Of course, she’s not sitting on her couch eating brownies a la mode any time she feels like it.

Do you compare yourself to celebrity moms?

Do any of them inspire or motivate you to change your lifestyle?

Future of Fitness Friday

I’ve been stalling on starting my own fitness regimen for 2013. I haven’t hit the gym yet. I have taken a few walks. That’s really not good enough.

I’m not naturally thin. When I gain weight – it goes straight to my belly and thighs.

Yes, I lost eight pounds this summer when I launched Fitness Friday last summer and I’ve kept it off (according to my scale). But I’m not as toned as I was when I was working out regularly.

On a brighter note, I’ve got a few tools in my fitness arsenal you’ll see in the next few weeks.

  1. A reputable supplement company reached out to me about using their products for 90 days.
  2. I’m hosting a review/giveaway of a meal tracking & food intake program from Cafe Physique mobile & online fitness.
  3. I’ve got a fitness opportunity that will be a huge surprise for my husband!

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  1. I hate when women compare themselves to celebrity moms. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Of course, if we all had those resources (and that pressure!) then we’d probably look like a supermodel as well. Beyonce is a beautiful woman, but that photo is definitely photoshopped to enhance her appearance. Plus they used a little trick that helps make you look smaller in the hips. You bend your knees slightly, stuck your butt back, and lean your chest forward slightly. It’s all about depth and perception. 🙂

    Have you tried doing any sort of youtube workout videos? I am NOT a fan of them, but my sister introduced me to one that is less than 5 minutes and really gets your heart rate going. It’s something A.J. could do with you too, sort of. I’m not sure if it’s okay to link here, but you can find it on youtube if you search “The World’s Fastest Workout Video!!!”

  2. I agree with you, I can feel fat all by myself! LOL. I don’t see that at “real” If I had her money and a great photo retoucher I may not look like her but I would be much hotter looking!

  3. Beyonce is heavily photoshopped in this picture, plus, the way she is posing makes her look like she has a very small waist. No way her boobs are that perky after giving birth. No way! Even still, she does not make me feel fat, because I know she is a woman who has curves. Celebrities also have trainers and cooks. Ideal for them to lose weight or get in shape.

  4. There is no comparison, and should not be comparison to magazine covers. They are photo shopped. While these celebrities may be thin, they do have curves and lumps, and cellulite, etc. Their skin is made to look milky smooth, which it likely isn’t. That is part of the illusion I think. I do appreciate that Beyonce has some curves though.

  5. You’re right – we normal moms can’t compare ourselves to celebrity moms. Aside from the nanny, personal trainer, personal chef, wardrobe and make-up folks, they all’s have million dollar pressure to get back in shape. Beyonce is a singer, true, but nobody’s going to see a fat, sweat-suit wearing Beyonce in concert. Regular moms? Nobody cares if you come to PTA meeting still holding onto baby fat when your kid is in high school.

  6. Well she doesn’t make me feel fat lol I already am. I don’t have a support system or an accountability partner to help me. I don’t eat much I think my problem is I don’t move around and I am not active I think if I become more active the weight will start to fall off.

  7. I think she looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not hating, shooot!
    It just motivates me to get it back right and tight!

  8. I am procrastinating about exercise in 2013 already too. I am on Weight Watchers, and love it. The pounds are coming off but I know they’d come off more quickly if I exercised – plus it is healthier.

    Thanks for this post. I appreciate it. Good luck on your own Weight Loss journey!

  9. I guess it’s how you look at it. I don’t feel bad looking at Beyonce, it’s almost like motivation to me 🙂

  10. Kudos to her if this is post baby! It is possible to drop baby weight and have abs again after a year of having your baby, I did. I can only imagine how much quicker it would have been with trainers, maids, and chefs! I would kill for something like that! haha

  11. I rarely pay attention to Beyonce. She’s just not my cup of tea but when I did see this cover on FB I knew it was photo shopped. She actually has a curvy figure and hips and a waist in this picture they made her look slimmer. But its not just her picture there are lots of celebrity moms post-baby photos that put pressure on. Not to mention the ones who don’t have babies. I just try not to worry about what other people look like and focus on me.

  12. Wonderful post!!! Kudos to Bey, she definitely looks great!!! I personally feel that moms should have the right to remain sexy if they oh so choose to do so… who says you have to dress like a granny when you’re a mom or wife! Have fun!!

  13. I’m not a mom but I work with many moms who deal with this issue. Photoshopped or not, I know Beyonce has an awesome figure. If this was a regular mom on the cover, most people would see it as inspiring and motivating but since it’s a celebrity, most women become self conscious. Here’s the thing…there is no difference between the two. We are quick to point out that she has all these financial resources but all her money really affords her are options on how to lose the weight. She has a personal trainer…you put your kid in a stroller and run around your neighborhood. The only difference between her and and any other woman wanting to lose weight and get in shape is mindset. If someone sent a personal trainer to you (not you personally, just in general) and said you have unlimited access to them for the next 6 months, many women would still come up with an excuse not to do the work. It’s all about mindset. I love Beyonce and think she looks great but she isn’t doing anything special or that any other mom can’t do when it comes to weight loss. Women have got to stop looking at celebrities like they have these special powers when it comes to weight loss. They have to do the work just like any everyone else.

  14. Absolutely! I’ve never had a kid and my tummy doesn’t look that good. I also have so question if there wasnt some photoshopping going on here! We hold ourselves to such high standards when we need to realize sometimes they dont even exist.

  15. When Missy Elliot lost weight I was a size 18. She went down to a size 8 and I was NOT going to be bigger than Missy. Lost 40lbs over a long length of time. Haven’t had that kind of inspiration nor am I in a position to really lose the weight now, but it was definitely once upon a time when a celeb inspired me.

  16. I love your post. Beyonce is beautiful at any weight, but this photo is heavily photo shopped. A couple years back a magazine photo shopped Faith Hill on its cover. Here is a woman who’s naturally thin but healthy. She was so appalled she had another picture taken without any photo shop. She still looked pretty, but NORMAL.
    I have no doubt she’s lost most of her baby weight through hard work and personal trainers. Good for her.. Her job is to entertain and she does a top notch job at it.

  17. This is the thing: before Beyonce got pregnant, she worked out constantly, she dances constantly. She was is GREAT shape. WHile pregnant, she did not sit on her but and eat whatever she wanted. She still stayed fit. Next, she is young. 3rd, this is her first baby. OF COURSE SHE BOUNCED BACK! However, I do agree that this photo is somewhat photoshopped. Beyonce is a thick girl. Her waist IS probably that small. However, that gap between her thighs is added and they probably got rid of any and all stretch marks. As for her boobs. they probably are that perky. TMI here, but mine are the same. Even after breastfeeding for a year. 🙂

  18. That picture doesn’t put pressure on me but does make me think about my two daughters who are crazy over Beyonce – and I am inclined to say she isn’t setting a role model example. I know she is an entertainer but goodness – what kind of message is he sending to young girls? Forget getting in shape – I don’t want my girls to think they have to specialize themselves to be just like Beyonce. Sheesh yeah she looks good but that isn’t realistic.

  19. Every time I look at ANY magazine cover, I think of the endless hours some fools spent touching up that image. I’d like to see what she REALLY looks like. I ignore magazine fluff for the most part.

  20. I definitely would not compare myself to celebrity moms. As you said – it’s their job to look good! If they didn’t get back in shape and use the personal trainers and dieticians and chefs they have on staff to get back to their pre-baby bodies then they might not have the shot at roles, opportunities, etc to further their career. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business to judge another mother on their body. She looks damn good and should be proud. Photoshop or not.

  21. She does look great, but even if there is no Photoshop, don’t forget the power of lighting, the photographer, and the pose. Seriously, try it yourself. Lean all the way forward, stick your butt up and way back, adn suck in your gut. Instant curves and the belly goes away. Good photographers adn stylists can do a lot with posing, lighting, colors, etc.