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I’m still trying to figure out how to put all of my emotions about the George Zimmerman verdict in the Trayvon Martin case –  into words. I watched the trial and had a horrible feeling throughout that Zimmerman would be found not guilty. Like millions of parents of Black boys, …

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Three Tips for Traveling with a Nanny

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Experienced nanny and newborn care specialist Natalie Akpele of  contributed this story for advice on traveling with a nanny. In Atlanta, Spring Break just wrapped up and you may be thinking about summer vacations. Have you considered asking your nanny to travel with you? If you’re lucky enough to have travel …

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Natalie Akpele, Here’s Your Answer and My Question for You

I’ve met some wonderful moms, bloggers and business owners in the short time since I started Mommy Talk Show. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of them at events, expos and workshops. But sometimes we only interact on social media, like Facebook. Natalie Akpele runs Slumberosity (formerly Cuddlebuggs), …

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