Can I be a Better Blogger, Better Mommy and Make More Money?

Better Blogger

If you don’t want to hear about moms and money, then stop reading now.

I’ve decided to make some changes in my life that include being a better blogger, creating my videos for businesses and making more money through sponsors and brand ambassadorhips. But I’m worried about how it will affect my life as a work at home mom. I may not be at home as much as I’d like. I should be relieved though since A.J. is adjusting to his morning summer camp and we found a reliable part-time babysitter he loves thanks to Sittersulove in Atlanta.

But I’m feeling some pre-emptive “mommy guilt” about my new focus. That’s why I’m asking “Can I be a Better Blogger, Better Mommy and Make More Money?”

If you’ve ever wondered how bloggers like me make money and want to hear more about my dilemma, check out my video and then comment below.

My new video marketing venture

More are more people are asking me how to create videos for their business or to create non-Mommy Talk Show related videos  for them. I’ve even hosted a few workshops on do-it-yourself video marketing. So I created another site: JoyceBrewer.TV to share that part of my expertise.

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Lindsay Blogs – full-time working wife & mom, part-time blogger who shares reviews, giveaways and her take on life.

Mommy Reporter – former news reporter (like me) turned lifestyle blogger with some tech, reviews and giveaways in the mix.

The Cubicle Chick – former corporate chick turned social media mogul (with her own Show Me The Blog Conference in St. Louis) who shares what can make your work life and home life ultra chic.

Monique Neeley – wife, mom, social media strategist who does all the social media that confuses the heck out of most people.

Tell me what you think?

Can I be a better blogger, a better mommy and make more money at the same time?

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  1. I get so annoyed when I hear that I can’t be a good mommy if I work. When I made the decision to return to the workforce when my DD was a year old, some of my closest “friends” were openly critical of my decision. “No one will love your child like you do. Is that how you want her to spend all say, with someone who loves her less than you do?”.

    I went back to work because I am a good mommy. I wanted my child to have health insurance and to be able to feed her high quality food and have a roof over her head. My hubby worked for a small company and benefits were becoming prohibitively expensive. Yes, of course I would have loved to stay home longer, but I didn’t want my selfishness and need to be near her deprive her of anything she needed.

    Everyone has a different situation and every family needs to work these issues out themselves. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion and judgement keep you from doing what you need to.

  2. Hi Joyce, thanks for being honest about the money part. I think we should talk about it. Just started doing videos as part of my customer updates, yours are awesome! Though I’m not in the mom arena I will be watching you for pointers:)

  3. Hi Joyce! I enjoyed your video, and I’ve enjoyed meeting you and AJ at Bean. What is wrong with wanting to make more money! Each family needs to figure this out on their own. We need to support each other and not judge each other.

    My kids are older. When they were little we weren’t on the internet much yet. You younger moms and dads have so much opportunity to weave together money making and parenting. It will always be a balancing act. It requires creativity, discipline, constant flexibility, cooperation with partners, and constantly tuning in to your child.

    I encourage mothers and fathers to do research on what babies and little children need. Their needs for their parents’ presence is indeed great and very important, and it does vary some as they get older. Knowledge is power. Find out what babies and toddlers and preschoolers need. Read several different sources. Then make your decisions based on that knowledge.

    Have fun!

  4. Joyce – I can totally relate. It’s an effort to find balance and margin every single day. Nothing wrong with wanting to make money, or more money. A. J. will enjoy the few hours socializing with other little ones. Mommy guilt is always there to get us, isn’t it?

    • Thanks for understanding.
      Some bloggers take issue with making money. Others, like me, realize that our work is worth it to brands and small businesses.
      My Mommy guilt is so bad, I had a terrible dream that A.J. ran away from me and I couldn’t catch him 🙁

  5. Hey, thanks for the mention! I can totally relate to your wanting to get ahead in your business but at the same time wanting to keep your family first. I just had a great interview and job offer–but I turned it down because it conflicted too much with my other goals. We’ll figure it out… somehow, someway. 😉

    • You’re welcome for the mention.
      I may have to get a part-time job this summer to stay afloat, which may not even be worth it after child care.
      Keep me in your prayers!

  6. Joyce, this is something that I think all working moms struggle with at some point – bloggers or not. It’s a tough balancing act and those moms that are able to do it without issue are superwomen (and probably completely stressed out and just bottling it up). Loved this video and thank you so much for the mention!

    • You’re welcome. You’re an inspiration to me to work full-time, workout, take care of two precious girls + a husband, blog and be active in your church!

  7. Joyce, girl, I think you are singing a lot of mommie’s song! It’s funny that you bring this up. I have been thinking about this very issue over the last few weeks…I realized that I will not be able to be as hands on with my son as I continue pursue my business and creative goals and had to accept that reality. I had to be honest with myself and realize that if I didn’t continue perusing my dreams, I would be an incomplete person and I would resent putting my “life on hold.” But I also put it into perspective. As my son gets older, he will be developing his own interests and his own social circle and I will not be the center of his world for long. If I make his life my whole center, what happens to me when he’s off to college and on his own?

    But on the flip side, I believe that part of being a great parent is being a great role model. And I think that demonstrating that I can achieve anything I put my mind to is one of the best lessons my son can learn from me and his father. It would be pretty hard to encourage him to peruse his dreams but I’ve put mine on hold for a bunch of excuses. I do know that I will have to juggle schedules to ensure quality and quantity time is well spent, but I’m up for the challenge.

    I say all that to say don’t feel bad or guilty about wanting to pursue your business goals or making more money. You will be a better mommy and provide a better life for your son in more ways than one!

  8. It is hard to find balance sometimes as a work at home mom but it CAN be done. Sticking to a schedule is important, as is making time for family!

  9. Thanks for sharing. I think this is something we all struggle with.

  10. I struggle with this as well. I’m trying to find my balance this year. I’m working on organization and a schedule. I think that is where it will start for me.

  11. You can do it! It takes a lot of balance, but you can do it! I struggle with the balance myself, but it can be done! I have faith in both of us to be better bloggers, mommies, and make money at the same time! 🙂