Best Dressed Baby Bumps at the 2014 Oscars #RedCarpet

Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde rocked the Red Carpet at the 86th Annual Oscars with the best accessory ever: a baby bump! Here’s why they had the best dressed baby bumps with examples of what any expecting mom should do for a formal event like weddings or anniversary parties.

Best Dressed Baby Bump at the 2014 Oscars #RedCarpet ~

Best Dressed Baby Bumps

Let’s start with Olivia Wilde. She’s expecting a baby with fiance Jason Sudeikis who I miss so much from Saturday Night Live. I love her simple black gown by Valentino. She blew me away because unless she turned to the side, you wouldn’t even know she’s pregnant. I loved the high neckline and the fact that the gown is wearable. I have a casual version of this dress in my closet! Any expectant mom, no matter her body shape, would look great in this dress! Black is safe and simple. I wouldn’t risk a big bold color on the red carpet either.

Best Dressed Baby Bump at the 2014 Oscars #RedCarpet ~ MommyTalkShow.comNext up is Kerry Washington who most of us like to call Olivia Pope since her character on ABC’s Scandal is so captivating. Unlike Olivia, Kerry is a newlywed who’s about to be a first time mom. Kerry chose a strapless lavender Jason Wu gown that draped in all the right places around her growing bump. I liked the color because it’s one you don’t see on the red carpet quite often and it’s a solid, luxurious color.

Best Dressed Baby Bumps at the 2014 Oscars #RedCarpet ~
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Last and least on my list is Elsa Pataky. Forgive me, I didn’t know who she was until I saw her on the Red Carpet news coverage. Elsa is expecting twins with her husband, Chris Hemsorth. Elsa’s gown didn’t get my vote because it’s embellished and looked like she needed some support when she turned to the side. It was distracting and kind of old lady looking. The teal color was a welcome difference, yet still a little too bridesmaid-like to me. Elsa’s makeup was by far the best I’ve seen. Very dreamy, light and airy.

Comment below: Who rocked the best baby bump designer wear at the 86th Annual Oscars? Kerry, Olivia or Elsa.

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  1. Joyce, I hadn’t seen Elsa. Totally agree that this is a ‘how not to’ dress. While the other two are pure chic, poor Elsa must not have seen herself from the side. She badly needed a bandeau or bra for support there. The under baby belly ‘belted’ look just reminds me of an old guy who’s way too far out of shape. Much nicer, the gently draping folds or basic black.

    • You’re right. From the side, it was even worse than from the front.
      There IS support wear for pregnant women now. Too bad her stylist didn’t suggest some.

  2. I think Kerry Washington looked best. That gown is so beautiful!

  3. Olivia Wilde was gorgeous! From the sexiness of her dress to the alluring back! Her hairstyle was her crown! Dashing! Kerri’s dress draped around her looking like she was wearing curtains. Elsa’s didn’t impress me at all!

  4. Kerry Washington for sure! I didn’t like the teal dress at all, in addition to needing more support I found it unattractive and it made her belly seem a bit awkward.

  5. I WANT TO HAVE CHRIS HEMSWORTH’S BABY…. Poor Elsa doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bra, either. not on my preggo body! I love Olivia’s dress and Elsa’s makeup.

  6. I definitely loved Kerry Washington’s dress and her overall style. Very elegant and the color is fantastic.