5 Types of Moms Who’ll Love a Gift Tree Fruit Basket for Christmas

I received a Gift Tree Box to review and share my honest opinion. Besides fruit, there were delicious blueberry filled cookies, Teatulia Tea and an assortment of nuts, jelly candies and crackers in our fruit basket. We had to keep the nuts away from A.J. though due to his fruit allergy. Overall, it was a great gift to snack on right before the holidays while we watched Christmas shows and cooked dinner. I decided to share the 5 types of moms who’ll love to receive a gift tree fruit basket for Christmas since I’m sure there’s someone on your list who fits these categories. Note: The last day for ground shipping by Christmas is today – Friday, December 20th.

5 Types of Moms Who'll Love a Gift Tree Fruit Basket for Christmas ~ MommyTalkShow.com

Gift Tree Fruit Basket

1. Postpartum Mom

When I first had A.J., I remember dreaming that someone would bring fresh food to my doorstep. Postpartum moms are tired, hungry and if they’re breastfeeding – healthy foods are a must-have. Send your friend with a newborn a Gift Tree Fruit fruit basket and she’ll probably name her next child after you.

2. Toddler Mom
Speaking from experience, I can tell you toddler moms are charged with entertaining people who are about 3 feet tall and have a 3 second attention span. A new box with fresh fruit and other foods in it will be a hit. Plus the toddler can play with the basket and box for about 45 minutes. Here’s an Instagram video showing how my 3 year old squealed when I opened the box.

3. Working Mom

After working all day, fighting traffic, coping with her boss and navigating the drop-off/pickup lines at school, a working mom may have forgotten to shop for appetizers for the guests who are stopping by. She can whip out her Gift Tree Fruit Basket, add some crackers and cheese to the spread and be done!

4.  Teenage Mom

Her job is to keep the pre-adults in her home from killing each other, while keeping a fully-stocked pantry. Teenage mom needs the healthy protein found in nuts to keep her energy level up. Besides, if the teenagers eat what’s inside the gift tree fruit basket, maybe they’ll stop trying to kill each other for 5 minutes.

5. Retired Mom

She should expect guests to drop by at any friggin’ time of the day now that she stopped working. There’s the assumption that retired mom has a lot of time on her hands.

Comment below: Can you think of another type of mom who’d love to receive a Gift Tree Box of fruit, nuts or candy for the holidays or any occasion? How have friends and family reacted when you sent assortment gift boxes.

5 Types of Moms Who'll Love to Get a Gift Tree Fruit Basket for Christmas ~ MommyTalkShow.comConnect with GiftTree.com to see the assortment of wine, fruit, chocolate and floral gift boxes it offers. Be sure to Gift Tree on Facebook for the latest promotional offers.

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  1. And this mom! Who doesn’t like a fruit basket, practical and pretty.

  2. Count me in! I love gift baskets of any kind.

  3. I honestly cannot imagine anyone not wanting to get one of these fruit baskets as a gift.

  4. Non-moms like fruit baskets too!

  5. defiantly #1! Such a great idea.

  6. Single MOMS!!! We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier!!

  7. I love fruit baskets because you know they’ve already selected the best pieces of fruit for you! The video is cute!

  8. You covered all kinds of Moms. I love fruit baskets- dont forget about Grandmas so many are raised by them!