5 Interesting & Funny Facts about My Pregnancy

Here are 5 Interesting and Funny Facts about My Pregnancy

  1. I suffered from heavy, painful periods because I had uterine fibroids. WebMd does a great job explaining the symptoms and treatment for this common condition among African American women. I explained my uterine fibroid symptoms and why I decided to have them removed.
  2. A.J. is a “honeymoon baby.” When we went out to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary, he was 3 months old. (Do the math.)
  3. My only pregnancy craving was for Big Macs.
  4. I slept about 12 hours a day when I was pregnant. Now I’m lucky if I sleep 5 hours.’
  5. I went into labor the day before my scheduled c-section and had contractions walking into the operating room.

What’s funny or interesting about your pregnancy? I’d love to read your comments.

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  1. Wow, this is so interesting!!! When I was preggie I slept a lot too, and my major cravings were for french fries!!! LOL That’s cute about the “honeymoon baby.” Maybe baby #2 will be an “anniversary baby”??? 😉

  2. Very interesting! Big Macs? I always craved sardines. Yeah, I know. yuck.

  3. Love it! I craved Big Macs with my first pregnancy, and I had to have honey on it. Matter of fact, I had honey on just about everything!

  4. Hahaha…Joyce, those were funny. I didn’t have cravings, but I lived with a friend of mine while I was pregnant and she was so ugh about me eating anything that came in a wrapper that I hid my trash, too. She went out of town and I went straight to mcd’s to get coffee and a coke. I don’t even drink coke, but I guess you could say was craving the caffeine.

    I had to be induced for a couple of reasons (I was happy to let her sit as long as she wanted), but they got me to contract for a while so I had contractions on top of the c-section, too.

    And as for sleep…During the first trimester I slept like one of those wildebeests that they tranquilize! I would just be OUT. I fear for my daughter if she is ever to have a sibling. She may just find me laid out in places. OY VEY!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I had the gas pains!!!

  6. I enjoyed reading this! Sadly I am not a mother yet, so don’t have anything interesting to share on my end! lol 😉

  7. Michael was conceived 12 days after we were married! LOL

  8. That was cute. I ended up craving taco bell both times. The interesting part is that I loathe taco bell and just smelling it (when I’m not pregnant) makes me gag. I feel you on #4 too. I miss the good sleep.