Wordless Wednesday: Look at what Mabel’s Labels sent me #WW

Check out the adorable business cards I just got in the mail from Mabel’s Labels.

It’s a thank your for being a brand ambassador or Buzzmama for the Canada-based mom-owned and operated company. I’ve told moms who have attended by business idea class about the convenience and affordability of using Mabel’s Labels to keep track of their children’s clothes, cups and book bags. Plus, I created a video review of their allergy alert labels since my son is allergic to milk, peanuts, almonds, cashews, fish, shrimp and shellfish.

But back to the cards. The flowers make the design fun and fresh. There’s also room to write notes on the back. I won’t use them as my primary business card, but it will be nice to have them on hand when I have run out and I’m waiting on a new order.
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  1. Those are VERY cute!

  2. Glad to see another Buzzmama! My daughter and I both have allergies. I’ve used the cards to write her allergies on when leaving her with other people to prevent serious reactions. LOVE Mabel’s.

    • Autumn,
      I love them too. I’m going to need to buy more since A.J.’s moving up to more advanced drinking cups.
      Those labels DO NOT come off for anything!