Wordless Wednesday: Locs I Love #Pinterest Board #WW

My Next Hair Style

I’ve been admiring locs on my friends and women everywhere. Thanks to the natural hair trend there are a variety of ways to wear and style locs, better known as dreadlocks.

But I’ve been hesitating to “loc my hair” because it’s a permanent style I’d have to cut out or take weeks to comb out. Nevertheless, I keep finding more creative and professional looking styles of locs and posting them on my “Locs I Love” Pinterest board.

What do you think of  this style with locs cut into a bob?

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  1. I really wish I could pull off ‘locs or shave my head. But, I’m too concerned about what society will think, so instead I leave my hair as it is..in a ponytail 99% of the time!

  2. That’s a cute style, very attractive.

  3. I LOVE the bob locs faze! I swear I’ve thought about cutting my shoulder length locs into a bob just because it is such a cute style!

  4. I tried locs right after my firstborn but they were too small. Now this style is something I could rock

  5. Joyce, so funny everytime I think of locing my hair this is the very exact picture I think of. Very stylish

  6. Just go ahead and do it. Your hair is the one part of you that can look anyway you want it to. But, it is your hair and you did say not to ask why you won’t take the plunge so I won’t ask, but I will say that this will look cute in you!

  7. Absolutely love the bob look! I’ve been wanting to loc my hair for ages, but I’m afraid of the “transition” period. Due to the texture of my hair, people have told me that it will take a full year to loc.

  8. I love this look and think it would look amazing on you. What’s holding you back?

    • Des,
      It takes awhile for your hair to loc/lock into this permanent style.
      I tried it about two years ago and it didn’t work well.
      Now, I just need to find someone I can trust to do the style and maintain it.

  9. So cute! I think it would suit you!

  10. Hey! Just stopping over from Wordful Wednesday. I am actually not far from Atlanta. I may stop back in.

    As to the style, I wonder if you are a person who likes to dress up and down? It seems like it would be the same by the pool as in the black tie event. In it’s favor? It is up off your face and neck in the obscene heat this summer. AND quick out of the house in the morning.

    How often do you have to go to the salon? What is the trade-off time wise?

  11. i’m Caucasian and started locs a year ago naturally, and they turned out very messy. i started vising a loctician and using an interlocking method for the past 6 months and i love the more professional look. i found your page because of the great bob you have posted – i’m going to ask to be trimmed into that when i go back. i still have long tails down to my shoulders but it’s coming along. i’ve wanted this for at least ten years. i know caucasians who are locked are looked down on sometimes, but i’m sick of trying to be someone i’m not. locs are beautiful, and i love my fledgling ones 🙂