Wordless Wednesday: Hosting My First #Hashtip Twitter Party #WW {Linky}

hashtip, #hashtip, Hashtip app, hashtip booklet, twitter party, hashtip Twitter party There’s a new way to share some of your best parenting advice, product reviews, deals, coupons and tips with moms.
Hashtip is a a fun easy sharing resource that’s integrated with Facebook and Twitter. I’m proud to be a Hashtip Influencer where I’m joined by other moms who are active in social media.

How does Hashtip work?

Hashtip connects moms by their interests to share tips on kids’ products and activities. Moms can add/share tips and create/follow TipBooks on HashTip for various categories. They can also send their tips from Facebook and Twitter by adding the tag “#tip” in their status update or tweet. HashTip then automatically brings detailed reviews from sites such as Amazon and great deals on those tips as well.
HashTip makes decision-making easy and fun for moms. Sign up now and join the conversation with moms you admire or trust. Happy tipping!

If you’re a blogger or influencer, it’s also a good way to share your own blog posts and news. Use the Hashtip app on your smartphone or tablet too.

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My First Twitter Party

In the spirit of helping moms, I’m hosting my first Twitter party as a Hashtip Influencer Thursday, November 8th from 9:30-10:15 p.m. EST. We’ll discuss how moms can stay stress-free before, during and after the holidays. Plus Hashtip is giving away three (3) $10 Starbucks gift cards.

hashtip twitter party, twitter party

Do you have any advice on hosting my first Twitter party?

What’s your best advice to have a stress-free holiday season?

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  1. My advice for a stress-free holiday, is to remember what it’s all about. Enjoy friends and family, and let them enjoy you. If you are hosting a big family dinner, dont try to do it all yourself, let others help you.

  2. I love hosting Twitter Parties!~ They move fast! Have fun! Interact with others! Keep up!!! =)

  3. Good luck on your first twitter party! I don’t think my brain works fast enough to keep up with them! I’m sure you’ll do great though!

  4. Twitter parties are always fun!

  5. This is the first time I’ve heard of #hashtip! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Twitter parties are a blast! I love them and might be addicted!

  7. My advice for a stress free holiday is plan everything from your trip to the grocery store to the outfits you will wear to the MANY events you are invited to. But that just might be me having a plan relaxes me. LOL

  8. Have fun with your Twitter Party – they move so fast! 🙂

    I do a lot of things in advance in order to have a stress-free holiday – that usually seems to help! 🙂

  9. Tip for a stress free holiday. Don’t spend money you don’t have and pay cash for everything. =)

  10. I hope to attend! I’m interested to learn more about hashtip 🙂

  11. My tip is to start early. My husband thinks I’m crazy but I try to get started in September – at least coming up with my game plan. There’s no worry about waiting until the last minute or hiccups throwing me completely off task.

    • You’re sooooo much better than me. I don’t even come up with A.J.’s Halloween costume until the last minute. The journalist is me doesn’t do anything until the deadline is smacking me in the face!

  12. My advice is start planning early, do a little at a time, delegate, and take time to pamper self.@martiferg

  13. Start planning early, delegate, and take time to pamper self 🙂

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  15. @JeanetteElb or @JeanetteElbjail