Wordless Wednesday: Mom Escape to L.A. #Pinterest Board #WW

Yes, family vacations are great. But I really just want to go on vacation to Los Angeles by myself. I’ve got a serious celebrity gossip addiction. So I created a “Mom Escape to L.A. 2012” Pinterest Board featuring the sights I’d like to see including taking the TMZ tour,  sitting in the Chelsea Lately audience and meeting a Kardashian.

Moms, be honest. Do you want to go on vacation by yourself too?

Do you have a Pinterest board for your dream vacation?

I’m praying I can grab a Groupon Escape or Living Social offer to keep my hotel costs low for my trip to Los Angeles-area. I’d love to hear your recommendations on a hotel or area to stay.

Source: tmz.com via Joyce on Pinterest


Source: google.com via Joyce on Pinterest


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  1. I just want to lounge in a super nice hotel all by myself. Stay in the cozy bed all day and have room service! I don’t even care where.

  2. Girl, yes. I have taken a couple mommy holidays myself, for about 4 days and they are heavenly. 🙂

  3. Girl!, YES! I have taken a couple of mommy holidays myself, just for 4 days. But they are oh so heavenly! 😉

  4. I would love a vacation for myself LOL! I don’t have a Pinterest board set up for vacation ideas! But you just gave me a great idea! Thanks

  5. Yes! I definitely can use my own vacay. I would go anywhere as long as it’s out of town and there’s a beach close by.

  6. Having a Pinterest board for it really helps you have something to look forward to!

  7. I could definitely use a 1 person vacation

  8. Thanks for the pinterest board ideal

  9. As a single mom, I have been trying to get away for 2 years and it still hasn’t happened. Still working on it but you have inspired me to keep a look out for all the group on, living social deals that come out.

    have fun in LA