Wordful Wednesday: 3 Year Old Learning Chinese #WW [LINKY]

Tuesday morning, our 3 year old son demanded that I print out the Chinese alphabet and Chinese words for him?
Weird, huh?
What sparked his interest?
Here’s the photo I shared on Instagram of him admiring Chinese words.

On Mother’s Day we visited our cousins who were changing planes at the Atlanta Airport.
A.J. noticed the dinosaur display in the terminal atrium on loan from the Fernbank Museum.  The Yangchuanosaurus was  found in China and there were several Chinese letters posted on the display.

Since then he’s been talking about Chinese letters, what they looked like and what they mean. I love how inquisitive he is and remembers random things that happened weeks or months ago.

He’s knows his French alphabet thanks to me, Daddy and YouTube. Dora offers him several Spanish words.

Do you children have an interest in foreign languages?
Is your family bi-lingual? What do you think of language immersion for preschool?

Share your Wordless Wednesday or Wordful Wednesday posts below.


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  1. You have such a smart little man! Feeding children’s natural curiosity set them up for greatness in the future! When you encourage self led learning you never know where their minds will take them. Enjoy the journey!
    Linda Edwards recently posted..Show Support for the families affected in Oklahoma – Wordless Wednesdays

  2. It’s amazing what kids can pick up on! My daughter speaks Spanish all the time, complete phrases. While I did try to teach her Spanish when she was a younger toddler, I didn’t think it was really sinking in. We’ve also dabbled in German and French, but since neither myself nor my husband speak those languages fluently, we just gave up for now. It’s good that you are teaching AJ several languages. It will better prepare him to take on the world one day!
    Autumn recently posted..Welcome To Florida! InstaPalette #ww

  3. All my baby knows is dora but I think its so nice to learn other languages especially more than just spanish
    Kita recently posted..Pinterest Link Up Wed

  4. I am thinking about language immersion for my youngest. The programs are so expensive though so I don’t know if that is an option. I am thinking about teaching them myself. I do speak a bit of Mandarin as I took it in high school for four years. I think in our society having another language will never hurt.
    Mimi recently posted..{kinda} Wordless Wednesday

  5. That is awesome! I think it’s great to teach kids a second language while they’re still young enough that they can easily absorb it. Chinese is a tough one to learn, but it will be so beneficial as he gets older!
    MyKidsGuide recently posted..Father’s Day Craft for Kids: Following in Daddy’s Footsteps!

  6. That is really cool! What a smart cookie to become interested in a foreign language because of one little sign. That’s an inquisitive little boy you have!
    Jenn @therebelchick recently posted..Maple Glazed Bacon Strips With Candied Pecans

  7. Thanks to Kai-Lan my little girl loves speaking Chinese. If only she would love Spanish, French or any of the other languages I actually know how to speak lol.
    Amiyrah recently posted..Great-Grandmother

  8. You just never know what will catch our kids’ attention! I cannot wait to see what my little guy is interested in as he grows up! I have a feeling I will be learning about a lot of things I don’t already know much about!
    Mariah recently posted..Netflix Just for Kids Means Toddler Smiles #NetflixKids

  9. How Beautiful! I love seeing children learn other languages. My youngest daughter speaks Chinese, I love seeing her speak Chinese when we go to the Chinese restaurants.
    LisaLisa recently posted..How to Prepare to Prepare for a Move.

  10. I wish I knew another language other than asking for the check in every European language! And of course, where is the bathroom!
    the basics.

  11. My kids have taken Spanish at school, but nephews speak Swedish, French and English. They’re pretty amazing.

  12. Way cool – I hope he keeps an interest. It will make taking a language in school a breeze in later years!
    Lindsey, the Redhead Baby Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: The Menu, as of late

  13. Way cool! It will make learning a language later in his school years a breeze!
    Lindsey, the Redhead Baby Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: The Menu, as of late

  14. Wow! Very impressive!
    Kari recently posted..Jedi Kisses

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