(Live Webcast) What Every Woman Needs To Know About Turning 40

Turning 40

Join me for a live webcast you can watch here on Monday, February 23rd at 11 a.m. EST, “What Every Woman Needs To Know About Turning 40.” As part of my #FiguringOut40 journey. I’ve asked two other mid-life influencers to join me. Anne Parris from MidlifeBoulevard.com (@MidlifeBlvd) and Mikita Burton of MikitaBurton.com (@NeverHomeSAHM). I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Anne briefly at the Type A Parent Conference. Mikita and I haven’t met IRL yet, but we have something in common. She has a regular segment on the Fox station in Kansas City, Missouri and I worked as a freelance TV reporter at the NBC station there. Both of these ladies have a lot to say and I can’t wait to talk with them.

We’ll chat about marriage and divorce, family, health., forgiveness and another other topics that come up. Don’t worry if you’re not here LIVE on Monday. You can still watch the show right here. Remember to come back every Monday for a #FiguringOut40 story! RSVP on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page for a reminder about Monday’s show!

Ask a question during the show by using the Q&A feature on Google+. You must have a gmail/Google+ account.

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*Update* We had some technical issues so this will be rescheduled. You can watch a 15 minute clip here:

For some background, I created #FiguringOut40 in 2013 when I was about to turn 40 years old and realized I didn’t have life figured out. More importantly, I figured out that this topic really resonated with my audience as they approached 40.

I’ve tackled:

Over 40 Friendship Prayer about the change in friendships women see in midlife.

(Printable) Letter of Forgiveness to Yourself

How to Get Pregnant Over 40: Celebrity Moms Who Made It Look Easy

Once You’re 40, The Reality of Retirement Smacks You in the Face

#FiguringOut40LA when I traveled to Los Angeles on a solo trip to take the TMZ Tour and see the Chelsea Lately Show.

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