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We’re in the market for a new vacuum and I’d like to spend about $100 (give or take a little). Do you have any vacuum buying advice for me? I’ve had this old Dirt Devil for about 10 years and it’s at the stage were repairing is starting to cost too much. You can catch it on a good day where it will clean well. You can catch it on a bad day where it spits back all the dirt on your feet as you walk it around. It probably needs a new filter too. But in the meantime, I’m investigating what should be our next vacuum. So I decided to “Get Advice”  a new feature through Shop Your Way and Sears.

Vacuum Buying Advice

I visited ShopYourWay.com,  clicked “Get Advice” at the top of the menu and posted my question.

I also added the tags “upright vacuum” and “vacuum.” I also made my question as specific as possible since we have multiple surfaces, carpet and floors in our home.

Vacuum Buying Advice

Since I also have the Shop Your Way app, about 20 minutes after I posted my question I received a text alert that Ron H. had answered my questions. He’s a Sears Expert who directed me to a list of Sears upright vacuums.

You can interact with other shoppers too. Offer your advice. Rate the advice you see with stars. Help more busy families save time and money by getting the products that get the best results.

There are several reasons I’m considering using Shop Your Way through Sears  to buy our new vacuum. As a Shop Your Way Member I get notified about exclusive sales and promotions, while earning rewards towards future purchases. You may recall Shop Your Way is free for 90 days and offers two-day free shipping. I’d much rather have our new vacuum shipped to our home instead of buying it in-store, loading it in the car and up to the steps to our home.

Comment below: Is there a household product you’re searching for where you need advice on its features or whether it’s a good fit? Have you bought a product that you’d like to recommend to someone else?

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  1. It is always nice to find something that works so well and gives one options and advice. It is good as well that the information was given quickly.

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to get advice on a purchase you are making online. I love that they offer this source of info….I hate wasting money on things that DONT work as they are supposed to!

  3. I love that you can get advice from other actual users of the product. That is one of the most important things I look for when I make a purchase.

  4. Yes! Our new dishwasher was having the “metal” prongs all bend out of shape. I thought it was broken but was able to find out you just bend them back. Things are sure made different these days then back in the old days.

  5. I think this is a great new addition to Shop Your Way! It’s very helpful.

  6. I need to start using shop your way again. I completely forgot about it and have used it in the past.

  7. Wow. This sounds cool. I’m gonna check it out. I wonder if they have advice for helping find a pair of shoes for a very picky preteen boy who’d rather be barefoot? haha

  8. Neat service! I’m sure this would be helpful with a lot of small appliance/gadget purchases.