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Get ready to laugh and learn as you look back at the Top 5 Mommy Talk Show webisodes of 2011. Each webisode was viewed around 200 times this year and sparked some great responses on Facebook and Twitter. I also threw in a bonus webisode because it’s so freaking funny I didn’t want moms to miss! Topics range from extreme couponing to dads’ opinions on the push to ban public breastfeeding in Forest Park, Ga. earlier this year.

Come back Monday 1/2/12 for the Top 5 Mommy Talk Show product review videos of 2011.

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Hot topics 

  1. The decision to change, hyphenate or keep your last name after marriage sponsored by 5Continents Gallery in Buckhead
  2. Dads disagree with ordinance to ban public breastfeeding sponsored by Bean Work Play Cafe in Decatur
  3. Celebrities with ADD, ADHD or learning differences sponsored by LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead
  4. Extreme couponing lessons and how to save money on diapers sponsored by Return to Eden Organic Market
  5. Obama administration supports breastfeeding but mom find it hard to pump at work sponsored by 5Continents Gallery in Buckhead
  6. Here’s a bonus webisode because it’s hilarious and features a comment from my husband…Opinions on TLC’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” sponsored by Return to Eden Organic Market

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