[VIDEO] Imaginarium Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat

Photo Credit: Toys R Us
Photo Credit: Toys R Us

I noticed A.J. loved to crawl on the foam mats they have in the under three area at a local indoor playground. So I set out to find and buy our own to use at home. Keep reading for the formamide concerns about the mat. Here’s the product review video of the Imaginarium Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat with help from Melissa and Lucy:

A Google search will show you a range of prices for the Imaginarium Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat.

I even stopped by a local baby item retailer in Atlanta and was surprised they were selling there for more than $40. I’m frugal and I use coupons regularly so I really needed to find the best deal. When I saw my friend Melissa posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter playing on the mat I asked Melissa where she bought them and how much it cost. The answers: Toys “R” Us and $24.99! It pays to wait for a deal and ask other moms.

UPDATE: Toys R Us responded to my call and e-mail asking if this mat contains formamide, a chemical linked to reproductive issues and led to the ban of similar mats in Europe. Here is the reply:

The safety of the products we sell is our highest priority.  Recently, Belgian and French authorities expressed concerns about certain foam play mats that could contain formamide. Upon learning of these concerns, Toys“R”Us reached out to the manufacturers of these items and reviewed test reports for all play mats sold in our stores.  After review of this information, we can confirm that play mats sold in our stores in the U.S. and abroad (including the Imaginarium play mat)  are produced without formamide.


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