Do you Prefer Local or National Pizza Chains? #NationalPizzaMonth

I received a gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. All thoughts are my own.

I love pizza as a go-to dinner option. Either I toss a frozen one in the oven or we stop by a local pizzeria. Among our favorite Atlanta pizzerias are Uncle Maddio’s, Buckhead Pizza Company and Ammazza Edgewood. Read more about National Pizza Month and how can help you find a healthy, money-saving option for your family.

uncle maddio's pizza


Uncle Maddio

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza is one of our local favorites. We like the fresh ingredients, gluten-free and allergen-free options and the large tables that are great for families.

We’ve started introducing a bit of dairy into A.J.’s diet, but we still go-to the goat cheese option on our pizza at Uncle Maddio’s. We top with spinach, onions and green peppers.

Comment below: What are your favorite pizza toppings?

If you prefer local pizza restaurants over chain restaurants, you’re not alone. Research by shows, “81% prefer independently owned restaurants versus popular pizza chains.” Read and share the infographic below about pizza preferences.


National Pizza Month ~ is the trusted and valued source connecting restaurants and diners nationwide. The company offers savings at thousands of restaurants nationwide with more than 50,000 gift certificate options. brings people together to relax, converse and enjoy well-prepared and served meals at affordable prices. To date, customers have saved more than $1 billion through the gift certificate program.

Do you prefer local or national pizza chains? #NationalPizzaMonth ~

Comment below: Do you prefer local or chain pizza restaurants? Have you saved when your family eats out by using gift certificates?

Disclosure: I received a gift card for the purpose of this review.

This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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  1. I prefer both but, like the chains in the US more. I like local pizza joints in Canada. 🙂

  2. I really prefer local chains….the crust is always better and I like to support local businesses!!!

  3. hmm, I love pizza! We have a local place in town that serves the best Chipotle Chicken pizza! it is by far my favorite! But if I’m making it myself; I like a good garlic chicken or Canadian bacon with black olives.

  4. I prefer local or I make my own. I’ve never used but mind you I am in Canada 😉

  5. We have a local chain that is going national through the frozen foods section at the grocery store.. The Dish. They are good, but I prefer a good old greasy pan pizza. I’ve also used a gc at The Dish once… yummy and a great deal!

  6. Local all the way!! The local spots tend to have better (and more unique) toppings plus I like to support local business.

  7. We try really hard to support our local mom/pop establishments as much as possible. For take out we use chain restaurants but not often.
    We have 3 places we go on a regular basis and all are independent places.

  8. I’m going to try Uncle Maddio’s. We enjoy making pizza as a family, but when we eat out, independent pizzerias are the way to go! They just feel homemade. My favorite chain pizza is the Philosopher at the Mellow Mushroom.

  9. Chain Pizza places are not what they use to be. My family now goes to a local pizza place around the corner from our house! Best pizza ever

  10. Chain pizza places are not what they use to be. My family now goes to a local pizza places around the corner from our house, best pizza ever!

  11. Chain pizza places are not what they use to be. We now go to a local place around the corner from our house. It’s the best pizza ever!

  12. I prefer local pizza restaurants over national chains, hands down. My favorite pizza toppings are sausage ad sauteed spinach, YUM

  13. We have pizza at least twice a week. I don’t like store bought pizza. I love a city owned pizza parlor, Exlines, better than I like national chains but we do eat Papa Johns. That is our go to pizza place.

  14. I was always a papa johns girl. But now with Pookah, we have to find Gluten Free Options if we are going to eat out with him. And we LOVE Uncle Maddios gluten free pizza! And you are right, the ingredients are so fresh! Love that place!!

  15. I love pizza! I actually think it should be a food group all by it’s self. 🙂 Pizza Hut is the only chain I prefer other then that is we dine with couple of local spots like Fellini’s, Savage, Blue Moon, Mellow Mushroom and Slice. They all have a special space in my heart for different reasons. Went to the grand opening of Uncle Maddios in Ashley Mall and was pleasantly surprised.

  16. There are a few chains that we like, but my favorite is Fini’s in Suwanee. Family-owned and operated, always welcoming, fantastic food. What’s not to love?

  17. We typically order from places like papa John’s or little Caesar’s. We have tried uncle maddio’s and they are delicious but there isn’t one near by so we stay with what’s near by.