Potty training advice videos: Be patient and interactive

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A Mommy Talk Show Facebook fan recently asked for some potty training advice. She posted: “if you find any good videos about potty training… specifically getting them to poop on the pot…. Please let me know!!!!” So I did some digging.

Since my son isn’t of potty training age yet (look for an update below), I have no personal advice. But I recall bookmarking a potty training DVD, Potty Power, that I’d seen recommended on a mommy discussion site.

As requested, I found several videos from Modern Mom and Pampers that offer some potty training advice.

Potty Tots, Potty Tots Review, How to Potty Train, Potty training tips, potty training DVD, potty training book, Jill LeechUpdate: When my son was about to turn two, we got the opportunity to review the Potty Tots training program that includes an interactive DVD, book and chart system.

Potty Tots creator Jill Leech also answered parents questions about potty training in an interactive chat for Mommy Talk Show Facebook fans.

He learned so easily to “pee pee in the potty.” We’re still working on poop and have to keep Huggies Pull-Ups handy when he seems like he has to do number 2! But I’ve heard from several parents that pooping like a pro takes awhile. He just turned three and I was hoping it would happen by now. But oh well.

What’s your best potty training advice? What worked for you?

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