Part III Cross-Blog Conversation with @CounselorMom on the Business Idea Guide for Moms e-book

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I’m continuing my cross-blog conversation with @CounselorMom,  fellow Georgia mom blogger who also works from home, juggles the demands of two toddlers, a husband and her own business. I’ve answered her questions about my Emmy award-winning TV news career and my decision to be a stay at home mom. Now here’s part III of our conversation.

Counselor Mom’s Questions

Tell me about the workshop you have hosted. I see that you are holding another workshop this weekend, which is great. What did you learn from your experience?

After I wrote my e-book offering more than 40 business ideas using the skills they already have, I realized moms still needed a place to vent and talk through their business ideas. So I hosted a class in January where four moms attended and a second one last week with six attendees.

I learn something new every time I teach the class and I’ve had the flexibility to make each class different. Scheduling classes is difficult because it’s hard to make things convenient for moms with toddlers. I’ve had a weekday and a weekend class at Bean Work Play Cafe, a co-work space for parents and play space for adults. I’m learning a lot of my viewers live in Gwinnett County so I may move the class north next time.

What inspired you to write your ebook for moms?

I was inspired by the moms who learned about my show and kept asking “How did you come up with that idea?” This was around the same time I started learning more about internet marketing and marketing products. So I thought  – why not create a resource for moms? I relied on my experience and those of five other amazing Atlanta moms to offer revealing answers in the book on launching and managing a work at home mom-owned business.

How do you find businesses to promote on Mommy Talk Show? For example, you have monthly sponsors. What process do you go through to find these businesses to advertise on Mommy Talk Show?

You may not have noticed that I’ve been promoting more businesses that don’t have a brick and mortar location. For instance, I’ve introduced a new maternity wellness spa that offers in-home services and a rubbish removal service.

I have noticed a lot more of my viewers live in Gwinnett County so I hope to tape the show on-location there soon.

My questions for Counselor Mom

  • How do you think we should wrap up our cross-blog conversation? Meet for coffee? Schedule a play date with our children? Or travel to an exotic location for a moms only vacation?
  • Would you be willing to appear in a video blog with me?

@CounselorMom will answer my questions in an upcoming blog post on

Here’s a look back at our discussion about my Emmy award-winning TV news career and my decision to be a stay at home mom.

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