Part II Cross-Blog Conversation on Life After TV News with @CounselorMom

Here’s one of my head shots as a news anchor in Jackson, MS


This week @CounselorMom is asking about my experience as a news anchor so in the video above you can watch my resume tape, a collection of clips that show some of my best on-camera work in Jackson, Mississippi.

Counselor Mom’s Questions

What were the pros and the cons to being a television news anchor?

The pros were I had an exciting career where everyday was different, I got to meet new people, travel, speak and find out what was going on locally before anyone else. The best pro was I earned a good salary and bought my own home while I was single. The cons were it was still a stressful job at times. I had to work nights, mornings, weekends, Christmas, Thanksgiving or anytime there was breaking news. In my career, I also moved around a lot to different cities looking for the best opportunities. So I was away from my family a lot and racked up a lot of frequent flier miles.
What was the most significant story that you remember reporting on that really touched your heart?
Even before I became a mom, stories about children always touched me and brought me to tears. In Jackson, MS and Youngstown, OH I covered countless stories about children who were killed in house fires. When a 19 year old mother of five left her four children home alone and they died in a fire, I kind of “broke the rules” of journalism by not getting personally involved with people you interview. Not only did she not have the children who died in the fire, her youngest one was removed by children’s services and she had no clothes to wear. So I gave her a few outfits out of my closet.
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Personally, career wise, and family wise?
That’s a tough question because I’m still working on this new phase of my life post-TV news. By then I’ll be almost 50 (good Lord!) and I’d like to be doing some speaking nationally or internationally so my entire family can travel with me. My husband is dying to go to Europe. I took myself on a trip to England, France and Italy for my 30th birthday. We would love to expose A.J. to new cultures and new languages too.

My questions for Counselor Mom

  • What suggestions would you give to a mom about being a virtual assistant as a work at home career?
  • How do you deal with any jealousy your older son may have for your daughter?
  • Is blogging on Counselor Mom and your other sites as simple as people think?

@CounselorMom will answer my questions in an upcoming blog post on

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