Smoother, Moisturized Skin in One Week Using Naturopathica Products

My first experience with Naturopathica products was when I reviewed a signature facial at Natural Body Spa in theHoliday Gift Guide.

The esthetician used the certified organic products throughout my facial. When I walked out of the spa, my skin felt moisturized and smooth. So I leaped at the opportunity to review Naturopathica Cassis Ultra Replenishing Cream (value: $85) and samples of the the cleansing products.

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Naturopathica Products

“Our approach to healthy skin care begins by eliminating harmful synthetics or skin irritants such as parabens, glycols or sulfates, and then adding clinically proven ingredients like antioxidants and peptides that provide real benefits to the skin.”

In this Naturopathica review:

  • I’ll explain whether I saw any results after using the Cassis Ultra Replenishing Cream consistently for one week.
  • Offer some advice on how to cope with the $85 sticker price for the cream.
  • Tell you about my plan to update you on how well it’s working after using it for a month.

Naturopathica Reviews

I’m an incredibly tired mom with extremely dry skin. I don’t drink as much water as I should, I get about six hours of sleep a night and I often fall asleep without moisturizing my face. (Just typing that made me cringe!)

So if Naturopathica products can work for my horrible case of dry skin  – they can work for anybody. I made a commitment to use the Cassis Ultra Replenishing Cream and the Oat Facial Polish (to get rid of dead skin and brighter my skin) for one week.

You’re about to see some extreme closeups of my skin. You’ve been warned!

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For first day I tried the products, I’d been awake since 5 a.m., took a WordPress design class all day, went grocery shopping came home and plopped in the bed.  Then I remembered I needed to complete this review, so I washed and moisturized my face. I may have used a little too much replenishing cream. The instruction say a pea size amount.

The Cassis Replenishing cream skin soaked in to my skin immediately. I didn’t need to do a lot of rubbing. When I posted on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page that I was trying it Saturday night, one of my fans asked about the scent. It has a light scent that dissipated a minute after using it.

The Oat Facial Polish was gently and effective. I shot a video of it on my face, but for some reason the audio is horrible. Sorry!

Overall, my skin is smoother, the dry patches between my eyes are vanishing and when I wake up in the morning my face doesn’t feel like it’s dying for moisture. Quick tip: I also use a dab of cream on my neck and the part of my chest that’s visible with a V-neck shirt. Those parts of your skin need love too!

Save on Naturopathica Products

A jar of Naturopathica Cassis Ultra Replenishing Cream retails for $85 and that could seriously hurt your budget. To save money, you could

  • Ask for it as a gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday, Mother’s Day etc.
  • Although you’re directed to use it morning and night  – conserve your usage. Use it once a day, preferably at night when your skin is regenerating.
  • Purchase a set like the Naturopathica Age Defense Skin Regimen Kit (value: $65)  so you can sample what works for you.
  • Think of it as an at-home spa treatment. For instance, a 60 minute facial or massage is $65-$100. This cream is about the same price and you can use it at home.

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I’m going to keep using the products each day including the Aloe Cleansing Gel and update you an album I created on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page.

What else would you like to know about Naturopathica?

Do you think the certified organic products are worth the investment?

Disclosure: I received complimentary products from Naturopathica

to review and provide my honest opinion.

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