Hair Regimen Advice for Naturals with Dandruff

Hair Regimen Advice for Naturals with Dandruff #Sponsored #MoistureCare ~

I’ve had bouts with dandruff ever since I was in high school. I thought that when I went natural (stopped using chemical relaxers to straighten) that many of my issues with dryness, breakage and dandruff would go away. How wrong I was!  The chemicals weren’t the only culprit. Keep reading for a step-by-step hair care regimen for naturals with dandruff.

My natural hair and scalp are even more dry than I expected because

I shampoo less frequently. I wear my hair in protective styles like twists and bantu knots so that I don’t have to manipulate it much during the week. While it seems to protect my hair, it’s not helping my scalp get the moisture it needs.

Shampoo sessions add hydration and rinse the scalp. I’ve noticed more build up on my scalp because it’s not getting rinsed off as often.

Stress. I’m a wife, a mother to an active boy and self-employed as a blogger and freelance writer. Need I say more?

– Diet. This is a work in progress. I recently started eating a more high protein/ low carb diet, so my fresh veggies are a part of my day. But a lot of the damage has already been done in terms of the impact a poor diet has had on my skin and hair.

Water intake. Thanks to a week at the gym where I had to drink water or I’d pass out, I’m definitely more hydrated than usual. But my usual go-to water source is coffee and tea which is absolutely wrong. I’m trying to do better.

Are you a natural hair girl,  like me, who’d like some relief for your flaky scalp? Check out how I added Head & Shoulders Moisture Care products to my regimen.

Hair Regimen Advice for Naturals with Dandruff #Sponsored #MoistureCare ~

Naturals with Dandruff

Add co-washing to your regimen. Head & Shoulders Moisture Care for textured hair types offers a co-wash product made with vitamin e rich almond oil and coconut essence. On days you want to skip the shampoo, apply the co-wash to dry or wet hair, massage it in, rinse and repeat. Many naturals prefer co-washing because their hair doesn’t feel as dry or stripped.  Before I co-wash or shampoo my hair, I bring all my tools to the kitchen: a detangling comb, a shower comb to use after the conditioner is applied so I can comb it through, a scalp massager/detangler and hair clips for sectioning.

Hair Regimen Advice for Naturals with Dandruff #Sponsored #MoistureCare ~

Use a 2-in-1 shampoo conditioner. This product does a double duty. I can see myself bringing this to the gym to get rid of the salt and sweat, while adding moisture. Plus the shampoo and conditioner are all in one bottle.

Treat your scalp. I’ve made the mistake of adding too much oil directly to my scalp which I believe led to clogged pores and build-up. Moisture Care Scalp Soother also has vitamin e and peppermint oil complex to soothe dry, itchy and inflamed scalp. Use it anytime, on wet or dry hair. When I pumped it into my hands to check the consistency I was pleased with the scent and lightness. It soaked into my scalp quickly.

Hair Regimen Advice for Naturals with Dandruff #Sponsored #MoistureCare ~

Drink water. Then drink some more water. And when you’re done drink some more. One tip I saw online was to drink water from a wine or champagne glass to make yourself feel fancy!

Eat water-filled foods. Fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables.

Hair Regimen Advice for Naturals with Dandruff #Sponsored #MoistureCare ~

My hair texture is extremely kinky so I have to section it off before I try to style or dry it. My go-to style to create a curly look is a bantu knot out. To lengthen it and create a bigger hair look, I blow dry my hair as straight as possible, then apply styling cream, twist and set it. If I can let it set overnight, that’s great. If I’m in a rush, I sit under the dryer for about 30 minutes. Here’s my finished look after a co-wash, scalp treatment and bantu knots under the dryer.

Hair Regimen Advice for Naturals with Dandruff #Sponsored #MoistureCare ~

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Sounds like you have it down to a science. Dandruff can definitely be a pesky problem!

  2. Stress totally contributes to my dry skin. I’m drinking more water than ever, but this winter my skin is drrrrryyyyyyyy. I’m sure my hair and scalp are the same way.

  3. I definitely agree oils are tricky, I have fine hair and oil can just weigh it down and make it look super limp, so finding products with a good ratio of moisturization to volume is definitely key!

  4. My husband has bad dandruff. I’ve been meaning to pick up some Head & Shoulders Moisture Care for him!

  5. Head and Shoulders is great for dandruff! I’ve been using it for years.

  6. This stuff works great. My hubby uses it!

  7. This stuff is great! My hubby uses it!

  8. I need to try this my hair and scalp are always dry. I am working on drinking more water.

  9. I have always loved Head and Shoulders! Their hair products really work!

  10. I find that the more I drink water, the less dandruff problems I have! Thanks for the great tips!

  11. We have used Head and Shoulders for a long time. My husband uses that exact kind. I haven’t seen the scalp soother though that sounds great!

  12. We have always used head and shoulders for years! It’s great. My husband uses that exact kind. I haven’t heard of the scalp soother though, that sounds great!

  13. My scalp tends to get dry and itchy in the winter months, even though I do drink a lot of water. I need to check out Head & Shoulders. Sounds like it would really help to calm my problem areas!

  14. I am having dry hair right now. But it is because when I got my hair cut the stylist didn’t use conditioner when he was washing my hair.

  15. Dandruff is the worst! Head and Shoulders is a great way to get rid of them

  16. Dandruff is NOT pretty! It seems like you have all the facts and details down to make sure it doesn’t pop up!

  17. I will have to try the Head and Shoulders Scalp Soother. I have always had great results with Head and Shoulders.

  18. Christina Aliperti

    I have always used Head and Shoulders. I love all the new scents and types they are coming out with now.

  19. Winter is not helping my scalp any. I am going to give this Head & Shoulders line of products a try. I love how you style your hair!

  20. My hubby uses head and shoulders. He really likes it and it works well for him.

  21. These are great tips! i’m sure we could all benefit from more water and eating well!

  22. Love their products. Wonderful for Dandruff.

  23. I knew this day would come when other brands would start marketing to the textured ladies…and thats cool! I never thought of us natural girls having dandruff to be honest but I know our hair is the driest kind so I can see how Head & Shoulders would make a product geared towards us!

  24. I have to use Head and Shoulders all year round because of the amount of product I use in my hair. The build up causes the worst dandruff.