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“Learn from your mistakes” is likely a lesson  your parents or a teacher encouraged you to do once something went wrong. It’s especially important for business women.  In the cases of the 12 women honored at the recent 2014 POW Awards and Womenetics Luncheon  in Atlanta, learning from mistakes was a consistent theme. Among the common mistakes each award winner talked about was undervaluing themselves. Why do we, as women, suffer from this?

Learn from your Mistakes

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Through three interactive panel discussions, each 2014 POW Awards honoree shared how they learned from their mistakes quite quickly. For instance, asking to be a partner in her family’s company like Susana Maria Chavez, Executive Vice President of Parking Company of America, Inc. Or making the move to Home Depot where she could be around more female mentors like Kelly Barrett, Vice President of Internal Audit and Corporate Compliance for Home Depot.

We’ve all had moments where the light bulb went off for use. We knew we were either moving in the right direction or needed to make a major change.  I shared  My 6 Defining Moment as a Mompreneur

Comment below: What are you ready to do to show that you’ve learned from a mistakes or misstep?

In the POW Awards social lounge, we were all encouraged to take a “selfie” proclaiming what we were ready to do next. I was joined by Tiffini Gatlin (@atlgo2girl) and Danica Kombol (@danicakombol) where we shared goals:

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Keynote speaker Jacki Zehner is the CEO of Women Moving Millions, a philanthropic organization made up of  “a community of individuals who have made gifts and pledges of one million or more to organizations / initiatives promoting the advancement and empowerment of women and girls.”

Fellow digital correspondent Tiffini Gatlin captured the keynote speaker, Zenhner’s defining moment and so did other significant tweets sent during the event:

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation as a party of Be Everywhere.

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  1. It seems we are shown every day a mistake, although often a small one, and how we can better it the next time. It is how we handle the change for the next time which is important.

  2. Mistakes are so important. Without them, we never really learn the “right” way to do something. They give us experience to become a more well-rounded person.

  3. When I make mistakes, I learn from it and then grow from it. My mistakes really helped me grow with my blogging ventures.

  4. Mistakes are a big part of life, especially when raising children. This sounds like a great panel you were a part of.

  5. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I wish they held presentations, seminars and conventions like this in my area. Sometimes small town/rural midwest has huge disadvantages!

  6. Learning from your mistakes is so important.

  7. Making a mistake is not the end of the world… learn from it and grow, everyone makes mistakes.