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Around this time of year, 23 years ago I was wondering who I’d go to the senior prom with and what I’d wear. Turns out, my dress was a more reliable choice than the guy who asked me to the prom – then skipped the event to participate in the state track finals. Back then, there was no JenJenHouse online store for fashionable, affordable prom dresses. A family friend made my prom dress by hand because I didn’t want an uncomfortable moment like I had at the junior prom where two girls wore the same dress that I didIf you or someone you know has a daughter headed to the prom this year, consider JenJenHouse your go-to for dresses.

Price, Selection and Shipping

Formal dress prices at JenJenHouse start at $79 and typically beat what you can find at its competitors. If you’ve stopped by your local mall or boutique, you know that a formal dress costs way than that!

The selection of formal dresses is amazing. I remember my prom dress intricately and it’s still hanging in the closet of my parent’s home. It was long, white, elegant and off the shoulder. Not many girls wore white dresses to proms back in the early 90’s. But when you search for white dresses on JenJenHouse, you’ll find a much better selection that I did in 1991. There are also Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe inspired looks in case your daughter wants to rock a similar look to her favorite celebrity.

JenJenHouse Prom Dress.png

Jen Jen House ShippingExpedited and overnight shipping is available for purchases around the world.  I noticed each dress has a unique tailoring time and shipping time, so make note of that before you order.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by JenJenHouse. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh, I love that first one to the left! Beautiful!

  2. Wo pretty and yet elegant selection!

  3. Love the prices. My mom was a seamstress so she made my 2nd dress I bought my first dress for Junior year at Spiegel for around 60 bucks the summer before I actually had my prom it as on sale lol.

  4. WOW! What a beautiful dress. I love that I have 2 girls – can’t wait (but yet can wait) til the prom days

  5. Nice, my teenage daughter made a powerpoint last year with all her prom dress choices! She is a little less hyper this year, now that she has been once and realizes it is not as exciting as it is built up to be.