Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants for Poop Duty #CBias #HuggiesWalmart

Although my almost 3 year old son A.J. is a pro at peeing in the potty, he’s pretty reluctant to poop there. So Huggies Pull-Ups are still a part of our lives. I typically buy the size 2T Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants 56-count pack on sale for $19.99 at the grocery store and use a $2 off coupon that I download or get from the Sunday paper. Walmart’s Rollback price is $19.47.

Huggies Pull Ups, Huggies Training Pants, Huggies Pull Ups Coupon, Pull Ups, Pullups
We keep Huggies Pull-Ups in a few key places around our home. Of course, they’re in A.J.’s bedroom in a cabinet with wipes and even some of his Huggies Little Swimmers from the summer.

huggies, Huggies Training Pants, Huggies Pull Ups

We also keep them in the bathroom along with Huggies Pull-Ups Flushable Wipes for toddlers. This way after we potty before bedtime or a nap, the Pull-Ups are handy.

Huggies Pull Ups, Huggies Training Pants, Huggies Pull Ups Coupon, Pull Ups, Pullups

Speaking of naps, I snapped this picture of A.J. while he was napping and sporting his Cars-themed Pull-Ups.

huggies, Pull-ups, Huggies Pull-Ups

Answer the question in this video about poop:

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  1. We love Huggies! I had so much of a hard time training my first,but my second seems a lot easier! I think it depends on the kids but they all get trained!
    mel recently posted..Having a Fun Family Night With Stouffer’s and Ice Age 4 #time4famly #cbias

  2. Huggies make great products. My kids are all out of diapers, but I always like to keep Huggies Baby Wipe around because theyclean EVERYTHING.
    Janeane Davis recently posted..Magnificent Monday – It is Magnificent To Shop with Technology

  3. Oh, this brings back some memories. I almost always used Huggies for my son.
    Angela recently posted..eos Limited Edition Lip Balm – Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

  4. This brings back some memories. I almost always purchased Huggies for my son.
    Angela recently posted..eos Limited Edition Lip Balm – Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

  5. My brothers boys are 4 and 6 and they have been day trained for a long time but they both struggle to stay dry at night. My brother was a bed wetter until he was 13 and back then they didn’t have pull ups so they just had to deal with tons of laundry all the time. Thank goodness that isn’t the case anymor e- I can’t imagine dealing with it everyday or at least multiple times per week. I have too much luandry to do as it is.
    Emily recently posted..Tuesday Giveaway Link Up 12/18/2012

  6. I don’t have kids, but my friends and family that do love Huggies as well!
    Misty Kearns recently posted..Giving the Gift of a Great Future this Christmas through the BGCA!

  7. Are you familiar with the 3 day method? That’s how I PTd my daughter around 26 months, and within a week, we were completely accident-free. (Okay, so there were a few times when she got occassionally wet, but that was because we’d be out for long stretches, and her preggo mom would forget to have her sit…)

    I digress.

    My experience in childcare, and my reading and research, all suggest that boys are just more difficult to PT, AND that going -ahem- number two is more difficult to do as well. Thus, getting a boy to go number two is doubly more difficult!

    Honestly, there are a variety of ways you can get this going, the 3 Day Method could be modified to work here, as long as you can devote three (or four) days to very closely shadowing him and commit to a high fiber diet, and going cold-turkey on diapers and pull-ups. If not, the timer method, intense peer pressure (Little Susie goes on the potty, so does little Johnny, etc.), rewards/incentives might work as well.

    But I think it’s also worthwhile to examine WHY he may not be going in the potty. Based on what I’ve learned about him through you, he’s a sharp little guy, and should be able to articulate why he won’t go on the potty. (If I had to guess, it’s because it’s just “easier” to go in the pull-ups, right?)

    Or just give it some time. The best advice I got when I ventured in to PTing about two years ago was simply this: she won’t go to college in diapers.

    So whatever you decide, and how ever you go about it, best of luck ….and happy pooping! (<== sorry, I just couldn't resist!)
    Barbara recently posted..Disney Princess Dresses – $7.99 each!!!

    • Thanks Barbara. He is pretty sharp and can read every sign he sees in the store.
      Pooping in the Pull-Up seems to be more comfortable for him and he likes to walk/slowly job while he’s pooping. Maybe he thinks it’s easier to come out that way.
      As the poop turns…

  8. We loved Huggies, and I try to keep a stash of the flushable wipes in every bathroom. Now if I could get MiniM down with pooping in the potty…
    Dr. Lisa recently posted..When Free Isn’t: What You Really Get With a Free Website Builder

  9. I’m having the same issue with #2 as you are. Rowan will go #1 in the potty with no issues, but would rather go #2 in her panties and pull-ups. She is also not night trained just yet. While we are fairly new to the world of being potty trained, one thing that I’m using as leverage is special panties. Rowan is big into the Disney Princesses and Minnie Mouse, so I told her that when she can go #1 and #2 (we use pee pee and poopy) in the potty all the time then she will get to wear Princess and Minnie panties. My plan is to also use Santa, I am going to put the panties in her stocking with a note from Santa saying that she can wear them as soon as she goes poopy in the potty. I’ve also created a personal message from Santa at, which talked about her making it to the toilet on time. She watches it at least once a day. She has gone a few times in the potty but then we have days like yesterday, she went #2 twice in the potty but then went in her pull-up once. There is no rhyme or reason. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going, you do the same. Don’t know if it’s going to work but it’s worth a try! Good luck!

  10. I’m now going to start bribing him for poop. I’m promising trips and McD’s for pooping in the potty!

  11. Have you tried encouraging him with rewards. Could it be hurting him when he tries. Maybe try giving him some prune juice mixed with apple juice to make it easier and more water and fiber.
    Katherine G recently posted..Being Your Child’s Advocate

    • Nope. It doesn’t hurt him. They’re still pretty loose since he gets a lot of apple juice (I suspect). Sorry for the TMI.
      But I am holding out to go to his favorite restaurant until he poops in the potty instead of his Pull-Up.

  12. We did one stint with pull ups and once the case was over I did not buy anymore. I do still buy the wipes as they are the best. Girls and boys are very different with #2. My daughter hated the it on her and my son did not care. I let my kids go bare bottom during the training process so it was easier when they realized mommy withheld things when I had to clean the floor…Best of luck:)

  13. Maybe try a video or book (Everyone Poops perhaps) to help him get more comfy with the idea.
    T. Espi recently posted..A Merry Mani Monday

  14. Not looking forward to potty training…lol. In the meantime, we’re using Huggies Snug & Dry diapers. Very durable & affordable!

  15. Pull-Ups are the best product ever!!! They were not around when my 2 oldest children were toddlers, but I was so glad they were for my youmgest 2 children!! They’re awesome!!
    MELISASource recently posted..Gifts And Donations While Making Life Better for Others: A Unilever Holidays #CBias #BetterTogether

  16. We are about to start potty training baby number three. Our son was really easy, was potty trained by 18 months. Our first daughter wasn’t fully potty trained until right before her 3rd birthday. We’ve learned that the less pressure the better and each child is different so we’re not pushing it with our 18 month old daughter. With our son, we kept a small treat box in the bathroom (candy, stickers, small toys), and he got to choose something every time he used the potty. I think patience and consistency is the best approach. Good luck and gotta love pull-ups! 😉
    Christine recently posted..Thursday’s Tasty Throwdown: A Salad Even the Kids Will Love!

  17. My son had the opposite problem! He went poop in the potty before learning to go pee in the potty. Best of luck with the potty training!
    Tonia@thegunnysack recently posted..Merry Christmas

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