(VIDEO) How to Hire a Mommy’s Helper

Here’s an easy, affordable way for parents to get things done around the house without sending your child to a babysitter: hire a mommy’s helper! Watch this video to learn how convenient and affordable it is.  This webisode is sponsored by Main Street School of Art in Downtown Tucker offering art classes for home schooled students, toddlers to teens and adults.

I didn’t even know this was an option until Laurie Morrison, creator of the Main Street School of Art in Downtown Tucker, explained how hiring a pre-teen to play with your child helped her get things done at home. Plus the mommy’s helper earns a few dollars and learns responsibility. (And I’m sure their mom would appreciate a break so she could run errands or fix dinner.)

As Laurie explains, a mommy’s helper isn’t old enough to be left alone with a younger child, but they can manage a puzzle or game while you’re in a nearby room taking a conference call, writing a paper or preparing meals.

Have you hired a mommy’s helper? How did it work out? What do you think is fair pay for a helper

Need an adult babysitter? Sitter City offers another way to find a qualified babysitter or nanny, read reviews and get background checks.

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  1. That is an excellent idea! I heard about it a few years ago but since I wasn’t a wahm I didn’t need to take advantage of the pre-teen resources around me. My daughter is old enough to babysit now so she’s making money for her own clothes and gadgets! Yayyyy!!!

    Great video too. You do such a great job Joyce!

    • Thanks Samantha. I’m really considering hiring a mommy’s helper to play with A.J. in the afternoons. Plus it may give the pre-teen’s mom a break or time to get home from work, while her daughter is here. We’ve got to be creative as moms, don’t we?
      I’m sure your daughter is enjoying being a babysitter and earning some of her own cash!