Gordon Parks 100th Birthday Exhibit at Lenox Mall Macy’s 2/16 #BlackHistoryMonth

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I’m looking forward to celebrating the life and legacy of a journalist, photographer and director. The Gordon Parks 100th Birthday Exhibit will be hosted by Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta February 16, 2012.

It’s presented by Macy’s, the Gordon Parks Foundation and the American Black Film Festival.

I’ve seen just a few of Parks iconic photos of and know he directed the iconic Black film, Shaft. So I’m interested to attend the event and possibly bring A.J. (even though the event is during his nap time). Actor/Director Eric La Salle who’s known best for his role on NBC’s ER will also host a conversation at the exhibit. If you miss this event, you can still stop by Macy’s to see the Gordon Parks exhibit on display all month.

Gordon Parks, Gordon Parks 100th Birthday
Credit: GordonParksFoundation.org

Details: Saturday, February 16 at Macy’s Lenox Square Mall

2 p.m. Lower Level

Inspired by Gordon Parks, children can “Design Your Own Book.” With a $25 or more purchase they receive a special gift.

Level 3 at 3 p.m.

Author/Actor/Director Eric La Salle will discuss the reach and influence Gordon Parks had on Black cinema. With any $50 or more purchase, you’ll receive a Gordon Park commemorative journal and La Salle’s new book, Laws of Depravity.

Dance Party

To wrap up the event, you can break out your platforms and dance to 70’s soul music inspired by the film, Shaft.

Are there any Gordon Parks photos, films or music that stand out in your memory?

What do you think our children can learn from his work?

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  1. I must try to make this! Thanks for this information Joyce 🙂

  2. I must try to make this! Thanks Joyce 🙂

  3. I had no idea that Macy’s did events like this. That’s awesome! I bet the dance party will be very fun, too! And how cool that they were able to include children into the event with the “Make Your Own Book” portion. That always makes learning about history so much more fun!

  4. I am sorry that my family and I will not get to see this exhibit. I would love for my children to see examples of how people like them have been involved in film and photography since the beginning.

  5. I wish we lived closer so I could take my boys, they would have such a blast!

  6. This would be amazing to attend, I wish we were closer to this so we could attend! I would love for my girls to attend and check it all out!

  7. Great post! It would great to show the kids these important images!

  8. That sounds like a wonderful event! I hope you have a wonderful time! Hope you will share all the details!

  9. What a great event! I I had no idea Macy’s did things like this.

  10. fascinating to hear about others successful works. Too bad I love so far away.

  11. Shaft? He’s a bad mother —(shut your mouth)!

  12. I am so uncultured! This is my first introduction to this artist! Thanks for opening my eyes.

  13. Too bad I live in Arkansas… this would be awesome.

  14. I saw info for this when I was in DC last week. It’s such a great initiative by Macy’s!

  15. I had no idea that Gordon Parks directed Shaft! OMG! Now I feel like I need to read about him more. Thanks!

  16. I wish I could have made this. Sounds like it was lots of fun.