Fitness Friday: See how much I weigh and how many pounds I plan to lose!

Fitness FridayAre you ready to see how much I weigh, find out how I squeeze in time to exercise and see if I reach my goal by my birthday?

Then sit back and get ready for “Fitness Friday!”

The idea came to me while we walked through Stone Mountain Park this week and I found myself out of breath while pushing A.J.’s stroller up a hilly part of the trail. Thankfully, my husband was there to take over. But it was one of many wake up calls I’ve had post-baby that my weight gain is getting out of control.

I’ve pretty much stayed in denial since I had A.J. because our bathroom scale broke which left me with no real measure of how much weight I’d gained. But a winded walk and efforts to squeeze myself into pants that no longer fit can no longer be ignored.

Watch this video and then I’ll reveal how much I weigh (I may regret this later).


So without further ado…here’s what the scale revealed:

weight check-in, Fitness Friday, Joyce Brewer, how much do I weigh?

It pains me to type this, but I weigh 209.8 pounds. So to reach my 10 pound weight loss goal by Friday, August 3rd I’d need the scale to show a 199 which is still just a small step towards my overall goal of losing 30 pounds!

In the past, I’ve had the most success with the South Beach Diet where I lost 30 pounds and kept it off for almost a year. But now with A.J.’s milk and nut allergy it’s going to be hard to snack on cashews and cheese sticks around him.

Are you planning to just watch my journey or participate in Fitness Fridays thru June & July?

Will you join me by exercising more or cutting back on the sweets over the next 10 weeks?

Would you like your fitness class, product or service featured in Fitness Friday?

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  1. Great post! Let the journey begin! A valuable tip that never failed me: increase your water intake! I promise you I lost like 6 lbs by drinking just water for about a week and exercising. Buy a cute refillable water bottle and KEEP IT WITH YOU! Room temp water all day. Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. You know I support you lady!!! I’ll share low fat meals, exercise with you, encourage you and more! We will do this fitness journey together. Let’s get it!

  3. Good luck! I can’t wait to see your progress.

  4. Jessica course

    That’s awesome Joyce! The same kind of idea hit me a few weeks ago when I looked in the mirror and realized how little effort I’ve put into my health and appearance lately. So I am doing a self-care challenge for myself called 88 Days of Summer which I started on Memorial Day. While losing weight is the focus of my journey, I will also be working on my mental and emotional clarity. So I will right there cheering you on!! Look forward to reading about your journey!

  5. Joyce, I will join you on this journey! I’m trying to lose a few pounds myself and I know how hard it can be. We will motivate and encourage each other. You can do it!!! Hugs to you! 🙂

  6. Ok Joyce, I’m in! I know I need to shed some it’s-been-so-long-I-can’t-call-it-baby-weight-anymore pounds. We shall have a wonderfully healthy summer, and more curves to rock!

  7. You can do it, Joyce! When we decided to invest in our health, it changed the course of our whole family’s future. Dawn went from a size 9-10 to a 2 and I lost 18 pounds and went down two pants sizes. And, we’ve maintained that for 8 years! Plus, our kids are growing up fit and healthy, too.

    We got started 8 years ago with the 24-Day Challenge:

  8. OMG Girl! I am SO RIGHT THERE with you! I’m sure when you saw me a few weeks ago you, you may have noticed I had ballooned out of control…granted, CJ is now 10 months old!!! So to say it’s “baby weight” is delusional! I started my fitness journey in January but got derailed and literally just got back on track a month ago. I am doing the South Beach Diet too and boy did I have a tough time to begin with ( but once I saw 5lbs melt away in 4 days, it’s been on like Donkey-Kong! I have been dropping weight like crazy (14lbs in the last 17 days) because I’ve got a huge goal to accomplish. I am surely going to be following and encouraging your journey and your goals. Feel free to check in on my journey at You are gonna rock this!!!