Dear Clinton Kelly, I Won’t Ever Wear This Outfit Again #helpmeclinton

Dear Clinton Kelly,
You’re so right.
I should strive to be the most fabulous version of myself.

In fact, the day you hosted Girls Night Out at Macys in Lenox Square Mall, I not only committed several fashion felonies, I was caught red handed. I threw on a yellow Gap pullover, my workout pants and because I hadn’t done my hair – I threw on a hat. Usually, I don’t run into many of my friends in my neighborhood. But Friday afternoon I ran into a friend (who reads my blog) at Emory Research Lab. Then I ran into an acquaintance at Kroger. Thank God neither of them volunteered to cart me off to Macy’s for a new outfit. It was just that bad.
In fact, I remember thinking “When A.J. gets older he’d be embarrassed to see me like this.”

Dear Clinton Kelly, I Won't Wear This Outfit Again

Clinton, hear my cry. On behalf of all the mothers who know it’s wrong to throw on a t-shirt, stretch pants and sneakers on the way to lunch with a friend or to run errands. We only do it because it’s quick and easy.  Go easy on us.

Dear Clinton Kelly, I Won't Ever Wear This Outfit Again #helpmeclinton~ MommyTalkShow.comThanks to you I will think before I grab an outfit simply because it’s clean. I’ll get rid of clothes that don’t fit or that I haven’t worn in years. My waistline is my “problem area” since it tends to fluctuate depending on my eating and exercise habits, so I’ll look for outfits that feature belts or contouring.

I’m going to read your book, Freaking Fabulous on Budget because Lord knows my budget is tight. My husband, I know would love for me to step-up my fashion game too. When we met, I wore suits, full makeup and heels everyday for my jobs as a news anchor. Now he’s lucky if my yoga or pajama pants are stain-free and I bothered to twist my hair.

I probably need a few key pieces I could interchange throughout the week. I may even try a few of the fashion trends you showcased in the fashion show. I shared my lessons learned from the show on Mom Favorites where I’m an Atlanta contributor.


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Follow @Clinton_Kelly on Twitter. Use the hashtag #helpmeclinton when you post a fashion question. Clinton or a member of his team may reply to you.  Check out the #helpmeclinton app on the Macy’s Facebook page. Catch him weekdays on The Chew and on reruns of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.”

Dear Clinton Kelly, I Won't Ever Wear This Outfit Again ~

Comment below: Is your go-to outfit really fashionable or just comfortable? Do you have an outfit that you shouldn’t wear ever again?

I’m also giving away my copy of Clinton’s Book, Freakin Fabulous on a Budget during my #FiguringOut40 Twitter Chat, November 22nd at 9 p.m. 

Disclosure: I’m a member of the BeEverywhere Society. This post is sponsored by Macy’s. 

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  1. Speak on it! I cleaned my closets and my drawers from clothes that don’t flatter me or don’t make me feel good. It’s a liberating feeling, but wow, I need to go shopping- It’s just time.

  2. Over the past month I have stepped up my fashion game to include a few pieces that are comfy, quick and presentable. This means when I am running out for something I can grab a comfy easy to put on outfit and still look good. It is a nice switch.

  3. I commit fashion faux paus daily. I’m chalking it up to being pregnant and clothes not fitting me:)

    Every time I see you, I think you always look amazing!

  4. I need is book about being fabulous on a budget, because I definitely have a budget. I try to dress to look nice when I leave the house, but I really do like to be comfortable. I love me some Clinton Kelly!

  5. My go-to outfit is just plain comfy. I probably have plenty of outfits that I should never wear again, ,lol, but I like to follow my own fashion sense!

  6. Usually my go-to is yoga pants and a comfy top – but if I need to look nice it’s skinny jeans with boots and a cute sweater…

  7. I have plenty of outfits I should never wear again. When I walk the dog in the morning I always throw on athletic pants OVER my PJ bottoms. I really should step it up a little…I can imagine what the neighbors think!

  8. My go to outfits are sweats in every color for 7 days of the week lol. I have a dress that I just got rid of that didn’t fit my body right I never wore it because I knew it didn’t look right so I took it to goodwill. I clean out my closet every season things I didn’t wear at all gets tossed.

  9. I need to take a note from Sonia and clean out all bad fitting and unflattering items from my wardrobe. Makes me wonder how they even got in there?! It is a tiring job being a mom and sometimes I just don’t want my “good” clothes to get splattered with baby food, drool or spit-up, so I try to save them. LOL But I love and will ride out in a pair of cute jeans, throw on a T-shirt and scarf and call it dressed. Not sure Clinton would approve…

  10. So jeans I’ve had for 10 years don’t count as fashion forward? I did buy a fabulous pair of boots over the summer that I’m wearing with everything.

  11. I have to laugh Joyce because right now I’m wearing running pants a tshirt and my sneakers …and I’m at work. I”m dressed like this because I plan on going to the gym after work and I won’t have time to change.

    My go to is always a pair of jeans. I purposely bought different colors jeans to switch it up. I try and wear a cute top although I am most comfy in a t-shirt. Getting rid of clothes that do not fit or that you did not like what you wore last helps to see what does work and what does fit. This summer I got rid of half of my tshirts so I wouldn’t automatically grab them to throw on with jeans. I can do that in the summer with a cute blazer but it doesn’t really have the same effect in the winter.

    His book sounds like its a must read… putting it on my wish list!

  12. I need to get Mr. Kelly’s book so I can get Freaking Fabulous! How many times have I gone to the grocery store and prayed I didn’t see anyone I knew…I’ve even had to dodge and acquaintance a time or two. LOL!! Then there are the days you have to go into the kid’s school because someone is sick or left their project at home, UGH!! Not a good look. I promise to do better

  13. I have a few outfits that I need to get rid of that I hold on to because I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. I have a few wishful thinking outfits. These are outfits I haven’t been able to fit in years but dream of being able to. I so totally need this book.

  14. Oay this was HILARIOUS!!…I was thinking…OMG…and then I was thinking-thats ME!!….I now want to cop this book so that I can step up my own “through the week” fashion game! Thank you for sharing in such a funny way!

  15. Since I work from home, I am often WAAAY underdressed. When we have hangouts (and our company has TONS of hangouts), I’ll throw a sweater on and fix my hair, but I’ll have pajama pants on. I’ve been adding more casual, easy to throw on items to my wardrobe so that I can look more presentable when I go out, though!

  16. Isn’t that how it always happens? As soon as you “just run out” you see everybody that you know?! I work with kids and used that as an excuse for sloppy tees and baggy clothes. I have purged so much crap from my closets and have been trying to step up my game. I’ll add his book to my ever growing pile.