Celebrities I’d Like to Take Shopping with Me #VlogMom

I’m not as fashion-forward as I used to be – now that I work from home and spend time on the floor playing on the floor with a two year old.

So I really liked this question from VlogMom contributor Andrea Updyke from Lil Kid Things:

“You are shopping for a new wardrobe with 3 celebrities to help you decide what to buy. Who are they and why did you pick them?”

I’ve got a serious Beyonce Devotion, so she’s definitely on the list.

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  1. You have some funky, fabulous taste with those style icons!

  2. YES!! Joan Rivers FTW!!!! I love LOVE all three choices, but Joan Rivers would be SO fun to bring shopping! Fashion Police is definitely a big guilty pleasure of mine too.

  3. I sat anxiously awaiting your #3 choice and then… NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    I’d like to be fit enough to dress like any of them!

  4. Girl- I LOVE Fashion Police!!! That George is a cutie-patootie!!


  5. Oh man could you imagine what the conversation would be in the fitting room? Great choices!!

    • I’m not sure Beyonce would want to be in a room with Joan Rivers who disses her sister Solange every week on the Fashion Police!