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(VIDEO) Dos and Dont’s of Birthday Parties

Planning birthday parties are the new parenting land mines! Every time I see a social media post from friend who’s planning their child’s party, they seem stressed out. There are a lot of twists, turns and things to navigate. Who should pay for additional guests who come to birthday parties? At …

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(Video) I Support Child-Free Restaurants

Yes, you read that title correctly. I’m a mommy blogger who supports child-free restaurants. Usually my colleagues come out and rant against this trend – every time it’s headline news that a restaurants bans children. But I believe there are some places, especially certain restaurants where children just don’t belong. …

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(VIDEO) Behind the Scenes: Part I

You may have noticed I’ve changed things around a little bit. I’ve changed the look of the blog and will continue to make updates until I find what’s the best fit. Instead of “Connecting Moms with Brands They’ll Love to TALK About!” the show’s new tag line will be “Insight …

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