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[VIDEO] Imaginarium Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat

I noticed A.J. loved to crawl on the foam mats they have in the under 3 area at a local indoor playground. So I set out to find them. A Google search will show you a range of prices for the Imaginarium Alphabet and Numerals Foam Puzzle Mat. I even stopped by a local baby item retailer in Atlanta and was surprised they were selling there for more than $40. I'm frugal and I use coupons regularly so I really needed to find the best deal. When I saw my friend Melissa posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter playing on the mat I asked Melissa where she bought them and how much it cost. The answers: Toys R Us and $24.99! It pays to wait for a deal and ask other moms.

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Product review: Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food

Right around the time a pregnancy test announced A.J.’s pending arrival, I saw a story on CNN about a Georgia mom who started her own organic baby food business. I was captivated by her energy and passion because I’ve always wanted my own business. Little did I know that less …

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Product Review: Baby Cubes and The First Years Learning Curve Take and Toss Feeding Pack

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Making your baby's food and feeding it to them can be simple and cost effective with the right tools in the kitchen. I bought the Baby Cubes along with the Take and Toss Feeding pack from about five months ago, long before I came up with the idea for They've really helped me store and serve A.J.'s food in an organized way. I like the Baby Cubes because they store easily in the freezer or refrigerator. Both items are made of "safe" plastics. They're BPA free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

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Video: How to Use Safety First Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs

Keep your little on safe from electrical outlets¬†by watching my video review of the Safety First Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs.They are what I use in my home to keep A.J. from poking his fingers and other objects into the electrical outlets. provides this description: Safety 1st Ultra Clear Outlet …

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