Figuring Out 40

The Power in Asking: “Can We Start Over?”

As I grow into my 40’s,  one of the things I’m working on is becoming more forgiving. I struggle with letting issues go. A Facebook friend recently posted an image that showed how forgiving you are based on your astrological sign. In true Leo form, I don’t ever forget being …

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How To Be 40 And Fearless!

I can still hear my Daddy tell me, “It’s OK to be scared.” Too often we act as if fear is a bad thing. Fear is a natural instinct that helps us react to the unknown, as well as known dangers. By the time you reach 40, believe me, you …

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(Live Webcast) What Every Woman Needs To Know About Turning 40

Join me for a live webcast you can watch here on Monday, February 23rd at 11 a.m. EST, “What Every Woman Needs To Know About Turning 40.” As part of my #FiguringOut40 journey. I’ve asked two other mid-life influencers to join me. Anne Parris from (@MidlifeBlvd) and Mikita Burton …

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