How I Saw A Doctor After 9 p.m. on a Friday Night with The Bond App

I knew I was getting sick when my nose started running like a faucet.

Runny noses are kinda cute and expected on little kids. Not so much when you’re a 42-year-old wife and mother.

I blame myself. I visited A.J.’s kindergarten class this week because I created a Black History Month presentation of important landmarks. While I was there, I probably touched something (a desk, a door handle, the sign-in sheet at in the office) and the germs hitched from my hands to my nasal passages.

Voila!  I’m sick.

Throughout the day my symptoms changed. My mouth was dry and had that “sick taste” that no amount of coffee drinking could take extinguish. Everything I ate tasted like cardboard that had been left outside for a week and was rained on.

on demand ER doc

On-Demand ER Doctor

These symptoms made it the ideal time to try out the Bond Intelligent Care App so I could see a board certified ER doctor right from the comfort of my bedroom…on a Friday night…instead of sitting for hours in the urgent care on a Saturday morning….surrounded by other sick people.

Think of it as FaceTime with your doctor. First, I’ll describe how it works. Second, see my experience. Third, enter to win a $100 consultation if you live in Georgia, Florida or North Carolina.

How Bond Intelligent Care Works:

– Download the app from the iTunes Store.

– Set-up a profile using your email address and a password.

– Enter your billing information to pay the $100 co-pay per visit.  Use the Champion Code: mommytalkshow | When you use it on your first visit, we’ll each get a $20 amazon gift card

– Tap “See a doctor” and wait for them to pick up the video call.

– Describe your symptoms to a certified ER doctor on a video call. Show them swelling, injuries, etc.

– Get follow-up notes emailed to you for a care plan and suggested follow-up.


Champion Code

My Bond Care Intelligent Care App Experience

8:35 After I followed all the steps to set up my account, I hit the “Tap to see a doctor button.”  Since it was after 8 p.m. when service typically ends, I got a text alert on my screen that doctors were busy at the time. I entered my cell phone number to get a text message alert when a doctor would be available or that I may get an update in the morning.

8:42 I got a phone call from Christie with Bond letting me know that Dr. Woods would be available after 9:20 p.m. and that I could initiate the call the, but pressing “Tap to see a doctor button.”

9:20 I initiated the call and got a similar text message that the doctors were busy.

9:21 I received a text from Bond alerting me that Dr. Woods was delayed by five minutes.  I received a text when Dr. Woods was ready five minutes later

Bond App


9:25 I tapped the button again and Dr. Christie Woods appear on my phone’s screen. She introduced herself, asked about my medical history, symptoms and offered recommendations on how to feel better. Since our humidifier is on the fritz, she suggested going into a steamy bathroom for relief of my congestion. Rest. Hydration. Rest. No antibiotics needed.

But Bond Intelligent Care doctors can call in prescriptions. They’ve even partnered with Kanga for complimentary prescription delivery!

9:35 Call over. Dr. Woods said my follow-up care plan would be available in a few minutes and it was.

Advantages: I didn’t have to get dressed or leave my house. The co-pay was only $100 –  considering I’ve paid almost $200 for an urgent care co-pay at the beginning of the year until I meet my deductible, this was easier to swallow.

Once you’re set up, you can easily contact the doctor the and find all your information in one place.

Having a doctor call in your prescription AND complimentary delivery could really help on a late night. Who wants to pack a sick child/children in to the car for a pharmacy run?

Dr. Woods texted me twice the next day asking how I felt, how my remedies were working and said I could even get a complimentary follow-up video call for the next 48 hours. When was the last time you doctor followed up with you the next day? For me, that only happened when I was in the hospital and they walked down the hall to see me.

Disadvantages: If doctors are busy, there is a little back and forth via text. Depending on how you feel about that and your data plan, this could be a disadvantage. For me, I didn’t mind it because I got to stay in bed during the entire experience.

Bond App Doctors

To learn more, visit the Bond Intelligent Care Facebook page.

Bond Intelligent Care Giveaway

Would you like to try the service to reach a Bond Intelligent Care doctor face to face on your mobile device? I’m giving away a consultation (value: $100) if you enter by Saturday, March 6 2016 at 11:59 p.m. midnight and live in Georgia; Florida; North Carolina.

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Bong Intelligent Care

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post presented by the Bond Intelligent Care App.

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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I love how far we’ve come with technology. This is a fantastic app.

  2. This is so wonderful. I’m sure we two aren’t the only ones who’ve gotten super sick when literally NO doctors had hours. This is great.

  3. I am so in love with this idea that you can see a doctor anytime. I loved reading your experience with it and glad you are hosting a giveaway too!

  4. Sounds like an easy process to talk with a dr. I love that they checked back up on you. Awesome

  5. I love the ability to talk to a doctor on your smartphone. It’s so much more convenient than actually having to visit an office.

  6. I really like that they follow-up after the video call. I can see how this would be a great alternative to bundling up an waiting at the doctor’s office.

  7. I love that technology is making it so much easier to get medical care. My insurance company has partnered with a company to provide doctor’s “visits” through use of video chats. The best thing is all I have to pay is the $25 copay that I would normally pay for a primary care doctor visit. It’s great when you are so sick you can’t get out of bed. It’ very handy!

  8. Toni | BoulderLocavore

    What a brilliant idea! I can think of so many uses for this. It replaces the old fashioned house call!

  9. These is really sounds great. This is really convenient to stay connected to everyone.

  10. This sounds pretty awesome. I think it’s great especially for those who work, can’t get to a doctor during the day or something happens later at night. It’s great.

  11. It never fails when i get sick it is usually after office hours. I will have to give this app a try the next time i am sick.

  12. I just LOVE technology like this. I wish it was around when my kids were younger! PERFECT for busy moms for sure

  13. I actually like the texting feature. Some things can get lost in translation, the texting could help clarify, especially with language barriers

  14. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    This is the first time I have heard about Bond. This sounds like a great and handy app to have on hand.

  15. Doctors do make house calls. This is so cool! My urgent care copayment is less than the app, but when I’ve got all three kids alone & someone needs to see a doctor, this is preferable.

  16. Chasing Joy (Arlett) (@Chasing_Joy)

    This sounds like a good service. I like that the Dr. sent a follow up text.

  17. This is so cool. What a great service. I would love to use this.

  18. Pam@over50feeling40

    This is good to know about…thanks for the information. I am going to check it out!

  19. Looks like a great app!

  20. Love the concept but I’m wondering if they would accept my health plan which has only a $10 copay to see my doctor, $40 co-pay for doctors out of Network and $75 for ER. If and when this APP is fully covered, it would be a no-brainer! And perhaps worth the extra $ to not have to leave my home!!!!

    • There are some insurance networks offering something similar, based on my friend in PA who just got an alert from her insurer.
      For now, this is separate from insurance.

  21. Is it possible to diagnose without a physical exam?

    • Janice,
      It’s definitely for minor problems, not anything that would need a test.
      If you visit the site, it tells you what it can treat.

  22. I have a similar option available with my insurance. Did not have to use it yet, but I think this kinds of visits are great.

  23. This is an awesome idea! Especially if you are in home health care or have children!