Benefits of co-sleeping with your baby- Morning Josephine

Thanks to co-sleeping with A.J. for his morning naps I’ve been much more energized and efficient this week.
Oh and I realized AFTER I taped today’s Morning Josephine that I forgot to make my morning coffee. But I made up for it and enjoyed breakfast at IHOP with several cups of decaf.

Here are two relevant sites for information on attachment parenting:
Dr. Sears: What is attachment parenting?
Attachment Parenting International

One of my video clients, Heavenly Hold, is a designer baby carrier retailer.
Baby wearing is part of attachment parenting.

We’ve used a Baby Bjorn carrier with A.J.

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  1. I love napping with my baby! You’re right- it’s so refreshing and then I’m not dragging for the rest of the day or rushing to start something that won’t be finished and then resenting my baby for waking up from her nap so soon.

    We also co-sleep at night. I didn’t plan to be so crunchy, but that’s how it worked out. She has a lovely crib she refuses to sleep in. One night we were tired of walking her up and down the halls (she was a several weeks old) so hubby plopped her in bed and we woke up 6 blissful hours later. Previously, she never slept more than 3 hours in a row. At night she starts out on a futon placed on the floor by our bed. We can see on the video monitor that she tosses and turns but when we bring her in to bed with us she instantly calms down and sleeps through the whole night.

    As for the dangers of co-sleeping, rolling over onto her is not really a big concern of mine. We don’t roll off the bed or into each other even in a strange bed so I think our sleeping brains are still quite aware of what’s going on.

    • Thanks Alix. Your “crunchy” comments are sooo funny to me. Today, A.J. and I slept for two hours in the afternoon. It was absolutely delicious!