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What kind of testing or evaluation is available at LearningRx Atlanta?

learningrx atlanta

LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead wants to help you explore whether brain training would benefit you or your child. Maybe you’ve discussed their learning delays with your pediatrician or you’ve noticed learning differences like the ones discussed in this post: “What are the signs a toddler or pre-schooler may have #ADD #ADHD #learningdifference?” …

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Eco-friendly, green and organic living themed show at Green Moscaics on October 22nd

Eco-friendly lifestyle store in Decatur, GA For Atlanta-area families who focus on recycling and organic living, Green Mosaics lifestyle store in Decatur carries a variety of products that fit your needs. Children’s clothing made from organic materials are on the right side of the store. Find furniture and eco-friendly household …

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Are you ever too old for brain training or to raise your IQ?

xBrain training, learningrx atlanta, toddler may have ADD, toddler may have ADHD, toddler may have autiism

For adults who received a late diagnosis of ADD, ADHD or a learning difference, it’s not to late to get help. Assistant Director Bryson may explains how LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead works with everyone from pre-schoolers to senior citizens to make their brains’ work faster. Brain training exercises can even help moms, …

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