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Shopping at consignment sales for kids items can save money and help you “go green”

Think about something you need to buy for your child. Maybe it's a lightweight stroller, book bag or spring jacket. Wouldn't you like to buy them at a discounted price? Buying used items from a consignment sale helps your wallet (items are priced low) and the environment (the previous owner doesn't have to throw them away). Consignment and second hand stores are great ways to find deals. This week in Atlanta, Georgia shoppers can find lots of great deals at the Kids' Market. It's Wednesday, February 9 through Friday, February 11 at Druid Hills United Methodist Church and it benefits Morningside Day Out. Here's a preview of what you can find there:

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Today show: Super Bowl star “Little Darth Vader” of Volkswagen ad was born with a heart defect

I heard my husband chuckle during the Superbowl when an ad featuring a "Little Darth Vader" came on-screen. I thought it was cute too. Little did we know the star, 6 year old Max Page, was a relatively new actor who was born with a heart defect. In fact, his mom told the Today show that he has a pacemaker and occasionally needs to go to the hospital. The lesson Max can teach parents of children with serious medical conditions and disabilities is not to hold them back or underestimate what they can do physically.

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