What are the Signs Your Toddler may have ADD, ADHD or a Learning Difference? [VIDEO]

What are the signs your toddler may have ADD, ADHD or a learning difference?  Atlanta mom Cindy Pierson says there were several signs that her daughter Emily had a learning difference. By age 2, Emily wasn’t speaking and couldn’t repeat the lyrics to her favorite songs. If your toddler shows similar develoopment, you should have a follow-up conversation with your pediatrician. Ask your pediatrician for a referral to a specialist.

Cindy’s adopted son, Joshua, had a different set of issues as a toddler. He spent three years in a orphanage, had to learn English and needed occupational, as well as, speech therapy. Cindy brought Emily and Joshua to LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead for brain training and says the one-on-one training created amazing results for them.

There’s no need to examine every word your toddler says or how well they identify letters. LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead Assistant Director says it’s typical for pre-schoolers to confuse their B’s and D’s. I can tell you from experience A.J. gets his letters mixed up 10 percent of the time. Often it’s when he’s tired or picks a favorite letter (right now it’s E) and says it over and over no matter what letter he sees.

Learn how pre-schoolers and first graders can benefit from LiftOff Training to help them succeed in school.

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LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead is cognitive learning center where the directors and staff answer many of your questions about getting a diagnosis and how brain training works. Take this FREE FIVE MINUTE SURVEY  for insight on whether you have a difficult time paying attention or completing certain tasks. The staff can also help you go over the signs your toddler may have ADD, ADHD or a learning difference.

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