6 Reasons to Love Easy Lunchboxes

You won’t believe what I’ve been doing with my son’s preschool lunches before I got to review Easy Lunchboxes. Since he only attends twice a week I prepared his lunch in snack bowls and sent them in a large Ziploc bag. But he’s getting older and needed a “big boy” look to his lunch.

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In this review I’ll share

  • 6 Reasons to Love Easy Lunchboxes.
  • Answer a mom’s question from Facebook about the products.
  • Give you a chance to win a set of four (4) Easy Lunchboxes bento style boxes + an insulated bag.

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6 Reasons to Love Easy LunchBoxes

1. Sturdy – I have one of Ziploc’s compartment boxes and they’re just plain flimsy. When I took A.J.’s lunch in an Easy Lunchboxes container to an outing with a friend  – she noticed how sturdy they were and was impressed! They don’t bend or leak. I got burned when I bought a no name brand bento box from a container store last year. As soon as I washed it, the lid broke. So I promptly returned it.

2. Versatile – Yes, they’re designed for lunch as the name says. But A.J.’s eaten out of them for snack and for a long ride in the car when he can hold it in his lap in the car seat. When he doesn’t finish what he’s eating we slip Easy Lunchboxes into the fridge for him to finish later.

3. Dishwasher Safe – Although I prefer to wash my dishes by hand, on a “lazy day” I’ve popped those bad boys in the dishwasher. They came out of the wash just like new.
easy lunchboxes, easy lunch boxes, bento boxes, bento box reviews

4.  Get Creative – I came up with an array of lunch options for A.J. over the last few weeks.

Easy Lunchboxes Ideas

5 . BPA-free – Besides what we feed our children, how we feed them is just as important. Safe plastics are a must have!

6. My picky eater at his entire lunch –  If you’ve got a two or three year old like me, then you know how picky they can be. Since A.J. can see his entire lunch in one container vs. several bowls he’s eating more of his lunch. Now on the way from preschool I don’t hear “I’m hungry” as much – which lowers my stress level tremendously.

Facebook Question

When I announced the upcoming review and giveaway on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page, Jennifer D wanted to know if my son could open Easy Lunchboxes on his own. No, he couldn’t. But I asked his preschool teacher about it and she said all the 2-4 year olds in his class are working on open their own lunchboxes.

Buy Easy Lunchboxes

Easy Lunchboxes products are available on Amazon. A set of four The “bento” style lunchboxes is $13.95.  Bundle your order together with the boxes, mini-dippers and insulated cooler for $35.85. Add some of your other shopping items together and see if you qualify for free shipping.

Visit EasyLunchboxes.com and check out the new brights color options and mini dippers for sauce and dressings! Follow Easy Lunchboxes on Facebook and get great lunch ideas on the Easy Lunchboxes Pinterest Boards.

Win Easy Lunchboxes

Enter below for a chance to win a pack of four boxes and the insulated cooler bag.
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Disclosure: I received complimentary Easy Lunchboxes products for my honest review.

All thoughts & opinions are my own. 

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  1. I NEED this! Since Pookah started a new daycare in January, I pack his lunch EVERY day! I love this idea!!!

  2. I LOVED the fun with jello video. I had always pre-made the jello in another container then basically tried to cut a piece in the shape of the container it was going in. MUCH easier and definitely more fun to add in fruit and freeze it right in the container.

  3. Since many times I end up eating both breakfast and lunch in the car en route to clients, I’d totally use these for my own lunches and snacks, too!

  4. I love this idea for myself just as much as for the kids. Reminds me of the bento boxes I’ve seen around lately. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My favorite is the 4-Container Set “BRIGHTS” and the Pink Cooler Bag!

  6. I love it packing kids lunches are so hard I bought ones that looked like this from walmart and its already warped. I wish my son ate more foods so I can put more than pb&j in his lunch box.

  7. I could use these to pack portion controlled sized meals for work 🙂

  8. like the brights these would be awesome for lunches

  9. I like the Aqua Cooler Bag

  10. I like the colors of the original boxes.

  11. I like the “Brights” set. This would be great for me since I like to eat a small meal every 2-3 hours.

  12. I like them all

  13. Brights with an aqua bag

  14. This is a genius invention for the little ones!

  15. These would be great for my toddler. We will have to get some for him.

  16. I like the pink cooler bag

  17. The lunch box ideas one.

  18. The Healthy Lunch plans video (looks to be from 2010) is helpful to me! Sometimes you need the visual to put healthy ideas in your head!

  19. I liked the Ziploc vs easy lunchboxes video. Nice to see the comparison of quality!

  20. I love the brights pkg

  21. I love those! I pack my sons lunch currently and everything has to be marked and it would be nice to have one container with all his food in it. He also loves to “dip” some of his foods so the little containers are GREAT as well! I love them all! This would be great to have!

  22. The food storage fun video was great! I wou.d love to win these!

  23. The food storage fun video was great! Would love to win these!

  24. Fun with Jello!

  25. I have three kiddos! A 3 year old girl, 2 year old boy and 2 month old girl. My older kids will both be going to preschool in the Fall and this system looks amazing!!!! 🙂 Would love to try them out! Thanks!

  26. I love the set with the Red Cooler Bag! 🙂

  27. Food Storage Fun video was my favorite

  28. Crazy About Packing Lunch Boxes with EasyLunchboxes!!

  29. Recently rid our cabinets of all BPA products

  30. My favorites would be the brights in the purple bag.