What’s the best and worst Father’s Day gift you received? Webisode #4.5.

Father's Day Gift

Ask a dad what’s the worst Father’s Day gift he ever received and you’ll hear answers like  an “I Love Dad” coffee mug (look up) or a neon green necktie.

Thank goodness NONE of the “Dads Edition” had similar answers. Instead they bragged about how they got to spend Father’s Day and the handmade items their children made that ranked on the “Best Father’s Day gift list.”

This Mommy Talk Show webisode was taped on-location at Bean Work Play Cafe co-work/play space in Decatur.

Bean Work Play Cafe Decatur

Bean is holding a special Father’s Day Event on Saturday, June 18th from 1-4 p.m.
Dads who attend the event can also win a great gift by using this code word:

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  1. Yesterday my husband received the worst Fathers Day gift EVER. His son from a previous relationship, age 30, was suspended for two months from his job this spring for testing positive for drugs. He maxed out my husband’s gas card, and my husband was forced to lend him money to keep his trailer, where he lives with a girlfriend older than I am, and more animals than Noah’s Ark.
    Yesterday he comes over with a dollar store card, in it written, “you didn’t have to do what you did. Your son, Dale”. He then proceeds to ask my husband to give him FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS so his truck will not be repossessed.
    At least my boys and my kitty gave him a new pair of Cole Haan shoes, and cooked him a fillet mignon dinner.