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3 Easy Ways to Book a Cookie Cutters Haircut For Kids

A.J.’s first 12 or so haircuts at local barber shops did not go well. He cried. He squirmed. He compared the sound of hair clippers near his ears, to the sound of bumble bees. Here’s what he looked like at almost every barbershop visit from the age of two to …

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Watch all the webisodes #3.0-11 sponsored by Return to Eden Organic Market in Atlanta

Thank you

Even Mommy Talk Show’s most loyal followers don’t have time to see every video posting of  the show we tape at different locations around Atlanta. That’s why I like to put together ALL the videos from each taping so you can catch up and maybe even share them with others. …

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“Would you want to be a stay at home dad?” Part II Webisode #4.2

Stay at home father

The “Dads Edition” guests were quite honest when they answered “Would you want to be a stay at home dad?” like 159,000 other American men. In Part I, Rich Yelton of Bean Work Play Cafe said he could be a stay at home dad for a short period of time. …

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