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Simple ways to teach children to recycle and live green

Here are some simple ways the Mommy Talk Show guests say you can teach children to recycle and live green:

  • Show children how to sort your household waste. Take them to a recycling center or landfill to explain where waste goes.
  • When they ask a question about garbage or waste, answer it. If you don’t know the answer, search for it together.
  • Visit a community garden or farmer’s market so your children can see how food comes from the Earth.
  • Shop locally. Walk or ride your bikes instead of driving.
  • Research cloth diapers and whether it makes sense for your family. This month’s sponsor Green Mosaics eco-friendly lifestyle store is considering selling cloth diapers in the store. Post a message on the Green Mosaics Facebook wall and suggest your favorite cloth diaper line to the owner, Gigi Hardwict.

Disclaimer: Green Mosaics (is not closed) and was a location sponsor for Mommy Talk Show.  

All opinions of the host and guests are their own.

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