[VIDEO]Selling Your House? Leave These Items for the New Homeowners on Closing Day

Although I owned a condominium in Mississippi before we got married, the home we purchased in Georgia was a first for my husband. He had tons of questions for a lender and realtor. By the time we got to the closing table in the attorney’s office, we felt a huge relief of stress. We’d purchased a solid, well-cared-for home from the original owners and were ready to settle in.  If you haven’t heard, viewing homes during the height of the pandemic is stressful with all the restrictions. You may recall I shared my advice for new homebuyers to get your offer accepted fast. As we organized the movers to bring our belongings to the home and did the final walkthrough, we were relieved to find a priceless gift from the previous owners. Watch the video showing what they left, then keep reading for an even longer list of recommended items sellers should leave behind for new homeowners on closing day.

WATCH: Home Sellers Should Leave This Gift for New Owners


Leave Old Paint

The previous owners left several cans of paint in the garage, along with shelves, brushes, and hardware.  It’s a huge relief to know that when we want to touch up all the wood accents around the house we know which finish to use.  You’ll notice the old owners wrote “den trim” on one of the cans of paint. What a great note! We can also easily match it up since all the color info and Sherwin Williams contact information is right on the can of paint.

cans of old paint on a brown shelf


Leave Suggested Service Providers

Unfortunately, we had to start from scratch with service providers except for the existing alarm system with Ackerman Security.

Since we purchased a home warranty, we have to use their providers for covered repairs. But for small repairs, outdoor fixes, landscaping and exterminators we’ve had to find our own.

If you’re selling your house, leave a list of suggested service providers who are familiar with your home and the service records so the new owners don’t have to start over from scratch.

Here’s a full list of things to leave behind for new owners on closing day or move-in day.

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Graphic list of items sellers can leave for new homeowners including keys, appliance manuals, and old paint


Comment below: Did I miss anything on my recommended list? What did sellers leave behind for you at your new home?

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