Live Webcast: Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe

One of the most frightening moments of motherhood, was when I gave our on A.J. a small piece of fried fish on Christmas Eve while we were out of town. The problem is – he’s allergic to fish and I thought a little bit wouldn’t hurt. How wrong I was! He threw up, his lips got swollen and he wouldn’t stop crying. Thanks to some Benadryl he got better, but keeping kids with food allergies safe can be life threatening.

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Your child’s school is probably peanut-free and you’re hearing about more kids who are allergic to darn there everything.

Anytime I tell someone our son A.J. has a long list of food allergies (milk, egg, soy, chocolate, nuts, seafood) –  they usually ask “What CAN he eat?” He can eat a lot, especially fresh fruit and vegetables. Although he prefers chicken nuggets and french fries.

For us, food allergies influence where we eat out (no peanut oil except Chick Fil A or seafood restaurants) and who we hire to babysit our son (they can only feed him the food we leave for him.) His bowls and cups have  Mabel’s Labels allergy alerts and I created a video review of how they work.

As we get ready for summer camp and travel, I’ve asked a group of parenting bloggers who are also coping with their child’s food allergies to join me this week for a live webcast: “Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe.



Parenting Bloggers/Guests:

LaShawn Wiltz: (@rosesdaughter)

Jo-Ann Rogan (@punkymama)

Jackie Bledsoe Jr. (@jbledsoejr)

Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe


It will be live on the Mommy Talk Show YouTube channel and I’ll place a video player here Wednesday night.

What questions do you have about kids and food allergies?

Are you happy with how your child’s pediatrician or allergist answers your questions? 

Share this post and join us for the live show: “Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe.”

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  1. This sounds like a great topic! I know it impacts a lot of moms I know.

  2. I will be spreading the word about this! It is always important to be aware of food allergies for sure, heard to many horror stories!!

  3. Yikes! Food allergies can be so scary! Thanks for helping to spread awareness.

  4. That is a fantastic topic for a webinar! My kids have an allergy to Dairy. And I get a lot of fighting back when I ask schools to not Force milk on my kids. It has been a long frustrating battle. But hey have the government pushing, “You MUST give the kids their dairy servings.” So while I can understand their side, they need to understand MY side that it is really BAD for my kids to have dairy. And that my kids’ health is at risk.

    Our latest school has been great in working with us. But all previous ones they said, “well you have to provide Dr notes, etc etc and until they come in we will continue to make your kids drink milk”. I was So irate I took my kids OUT of school until I could secure all the ridiculous forms “proving” that my kids were allergic.

  5. We haven’t had to deal with any food allergies with our kids, knock on wood, but I have some friends who definitely deal with this every day. I’m going to pass along the info on your webcast!

  6. Amazingly, out of 5 kids, we do not have any food allergies in the home. I have friends with kids that do. Apparently we have been extremely blessed in that area.

  7. I’ll be sharing this.

  8. I am blessed with children who don’t have any food allergies. Mabels Labels sound great for more than just allergies though. Thanks for sharing about this live webcast!

  9. This is a great topic! Now that some food allergies are becoming a more common name throughout communities, it’s important to stay informed on what is a no-no to eat. especially if you are working along side those kids regularly

  10. Allergies can be so scary! My kids thankfully have none, but I have a nephew that does, and I always ask anyone we invite over if they’ve got allergies. I’d hate to end a get together early because of an emergency with allergies.

  11. Recently I witnessed a child have a severe allergy attack after eating a dish that contained peanuts (it wasn’t labeled). It was horrifying that someones’ careless mistake caused a child to be hospitalized.

  12. My pediatrician was pretty awesome about allergies. We were able to get my son tested with an Allergy & Asthma doctor at 18 months and were relieved to find out that he doesn’t have the same allergies as his father and uncles. Food allergies are a serious thing and I’m glad people are taking precautions.

  13. I’ll be tuning in. As a food service professional I try my best to make sure I label dishes, discuss allergens with clients and I don’t make dishes with hidden allergens (no nut oils or puree of shrimp/fish mixed in and not obvious to the guests), what other precautions should I take?

  14. I have a quick question. I have been trying the last half an hour or so to get the video or audio to work in the google hangout. I really want to see this webcast since my son has very severe food allergies. Will it be available on your YouTube page after?? Thanks for doing this!