How do you handle questions about Baby #2?

It seems that as soon as you have your first child, people immediately ask when you’re planning to have another.
I find it annoying and nosy.

The moms in our Mommy Talk Show premiere were asked “How do you handle questions about Baby #2?”

Maran’s daughter, Ali, is an only child. When Ali turned 7, Maran and her husband decided their family of three was just fine.

Karen’s son, Michal, is also an only child. He was a surprise for Karen and her husband and they don’t want to plan any family additions. If they add to their family, it’ll be a surprise as well.

Diane is also content with her family of three. She says people starting asking about Baby #2 when her son, Ethan, was about 6 months old. Diane and her husband may consider adopting an older child in a few years.

My husband and I are still adjusting to being newlyweds so A.J. will likely be an only child. My husband says we’re “one and done!”

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  1. My husband is an only child and I come from a family of 6, with me being the oldest. I always had so much fun with my siblings and I feel that having siblings is important for children. My husband always wanted to have a bigger family as well. I would like to have another child soon so that they will be close in age and I will be done and can totally concentrate on them. I feel like if you can afford it, financally and mentally :), have more than one. I have had quite a few friends that have been only children that wish they had siblings and said they were lonely and wish they could have had that bond.