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Top 5 @MommyTalkShow webisodes of 2011

Most watched webisodes Get ready to laugh and learn as you look back at the Top 5 Mommy Talk Show webisodes of 2011. Each webisode was viewed around 200 times this year and sparked some great responses on Facebook and Twitter. I also threw in a bonus webisode because it’s …

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Sleep training advice for babies and toddlers Part II

sleeping baby, AJ sleep holding his toe

A.J. asleep holding his toe Here’s a photo of A.J. when he was about five months old and fell asleep in the car seat holding his pacifier in his right hand and holding his left toe. It’s one of my favorite pictures of him because it shoes how babies can …

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Meet the guests at Green Mosaics #eco-friendly lifestyle store in #Decatur

As a parent there are simple ways your family can live greener. Maybe you cloth diaper your child, recycle plastic or walk more often instead of driving. Green Mosaics lifestyle store in Downtown Decatur sells a variety of clothes, furniture, toys and products that are gentle on your body and …

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