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[VIDEO] Car Seat Guidelines from American Academy of Pediatrics: Keep Children Rear-Facing Longer

At A.J.’s one year check-up last week I expected his pediatrician to say it was O.K. to turn his car seat to forward facing. Not so. She told us doctors now recommend keeping children rear-facing longer. Here are the new car seat guidelines. The American Academy of Pediatrics has new …

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Losing the baby weight Part II

Webisode #2.3 How can busy moms find time to exercise with all the demands in their lives pulling us in different directions? Working out at home is one option. But it can be hard to pop in an exercise DVD when you have meals to prepare, a house to clean …

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Today Show: Personalized Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

Baby's first Christmas. The phrase is weighed down by the pressure to make baby's first major holiday memorable and magnificent. I've already told you A.J. can expect one Christmas gift from me in a recent Morning Josephine post. The Today Show recently showcased some personalized gifts that are ideal for Christmas. I may consider them for A.J.'s first birthday in March. The story books that can be personalized to include your child's name will probably top my list.

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