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Watch all the “Dads Edition” webisodes sponsored by Bean Work Play Cafe

Bean Work Play Cafe, lobby, co-work space, Reggio-Emilia

SPONSORED BY: Bean Work Play Cafe in Decatur You’re a busy parent and I know you don’t have time to watch all the webisodes I tape at various family-friendly businesses around Atlanta. That’s why I created this recap where you can see all the “Dads Edition” videos we taped on-location …

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What was it like to be a “Dads Edition” guest at Bean Work Play Cafe? Webisode #4.10

Working dad, work-life balance

SPONSORED BY: Bean Work Play Cafe in Decatur The “Dads Edition” guests from Bean Work Play Cafe in Decatur discussed some hot fatherhood topics. They were all appalled at the attempt at a breastfeeding ordinance in Forest Park, weighed-in on the stay at home dad trend and shared their best/worst Father’s Day …

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What are your favorite memories with your father? Part II Webisode #4.8

SPONSORED BY: Bean Work Play Cafe in Decatur Father’s Day is over. But thanks to Bean Work Play Cafe in Decatur dads still have a voice here, including continuing our conversation (Part I) with the “Dads Edition” guests about their favorite memories with their own fathers in Part II: Dads …

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