{VIDEO} How Your Family Can Celebrate The Frozen 10th Anniversary

It blows my mind that it’s been 10 years since Disney’s “Frozen” changed the film industry forever. Our son was only three years old when the film hit theaters in 2013. At that time not only did all his friends and classmates love seeing the film in theaters, in school for parties, or events, and for movie nights at home. Here are some ways to celebrate Frozen’s 10th anniversary and relive the magic.

Toddler dresses inspired by Frozen characters Anna and Elsa

  • Host a Frozen viewing party. The best way to enjoy Frozen is to watch it again with your loved ones. You can stream the movie on Disney+ or rent it from your favorite online platform. You can also watch the sequel, Frozen 2, which was released in 2019 and became the highest-grossing animated movie ever. To make the viewing party more fun, you can decorate your living room with Frozen-inspired items, such as snowflakes, ice crystals, and plushies of Olaf, Sven, and other characters. You can also prepare some snacks and drinks that match the theme, such as blue cupcakes, snowman cookies, and hot chocolate.
  • Look back at your family’s Frozen memories. You can look back at your Frozen memories by browsing through your photos, videos, or social media posts that feature the movie or its characters. You can also share your stories with your family and friends reminisce about the times you watched the movie, dressed up as the characters, or visited the Frozen attractions at the Disney parks. You can also create a scrapbook or a collage of your Frozen memories, and display it at your party or keep it as a souvenir.
  • Sing along to the songs. One of the most iconic aspects of Frozen is its soundtrack, which features songs that are both catchy and meaningful. You can sing along to the songs while watching the movie, or you can use a karaoke app or device to belt out your favorite tunes. It will be so fun to challenge your family and friends to a sing-off, where you compete to see who can sing the best or the loudest. Some of the most popular songs from Frozen are “Let It Go”, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, “For the First Time in Forever”, and “Love Is an Open Door.”
  • Reconnect with your siblings. Frozen is a story about the bond between sisters Anna and Elsa, who overcome their differences and save their kingdom with the power of love. If you have a sibling, you can use this occasion to reconnect with them and show them how much you care by writing them a letter or spending some quality time with them.
  • Shop new Frozen anniversary merchandise. If you are a collector or a fan of Frozen merchandise, check out the new products that Disney has released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the movie. You can find a variety of items, such as dolls, accessories, and decor that feature the characters and themes from Frozen. You can buy these products online or at the Disney stores or parks, and add them to your collection or use them to enhance your party. The ILY 4 Eva inspired by Olaf are sold exclusively at Target.

Disney ILY 4ever Dolls - Inspired by Olaf One of fair skinned and the other has brown skin. Both have on white dresses with ice skates.

Watch my recent interview about Frozen’s 10th Anniversary where I showcased holiday gift ideas for fans of all ages. Visit ShopDisney.com for a full look at the new products.

Watch My Interview: Frozen’s 10th Anniversary Merchandise

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